Workogasm – A Corporate World Offspring That Continues Corrupting The System

Corporate World


Workogasm – wondering what I am talking about? What if I say the world Orgasm? You will instantly be interested in knowing what this chic is going to talk about. Well, I am talking about something that all the corporate world slaves like us have experienced, endured and grappled with.

Orgasm – “the climax of sexual excitement, characterized by intensely pleasurable feelings centred in the genitals and (in men) experienced as an accompaniment to ejaculation.” says uncle Google.

Workogasm – The climax of subjecting colleagues and contemporaries to intense humiliation while inflicting a feeling of worthlessness (in both men and women) experienced as an accompaniment to authority. Says ME 🙂


Corporate Bosses


These assault loving work nymphomaniacs are a creed of a kind. They do not see their subordinates as people but as machines, a machine that can work at lightning speed. It is like they put you in situations that can’t really be won and then vent when you fail.

They get the moment of utmost ecstasy when they see you falling. Being insolent, difficult and bossy is like foreplay for them, something that sets them in the mood and the workogasm is when they succeed in making you feel small, defeated and helpless. The best workogasm is when not only do they enjoy the foreplay of humiliating people but when they do it in public, it is like having a threesome or foursome with the ones they know, where they can all indulge in a dirty act together with their work bitch.


Corporate World


Are you the work bitch that your boss is enjoying screwing through unreasonable expectation? If yes, then it is not entirely the fault of your boss who is after some extra entertainment, it is equally your fault for giving them what they don’t deserve or for not giving them what they do deserve. Don’t crib if you don’t have the balls to stand for yourself. Fight or rot in that pothole, fight or let that work nymphomaniac keep rubbing you in places that hurt the most. The corporate world will not change on its own, a change has to be initiated and obviously, the ones enjoying the ultimate workogasm are not going to initiate that impending change.

Who do you really want to be? Can you be that torchbearer of change?








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