Being a Woman in a Society That is Male Dominated and Regressive!


women inequalityThe country I belong to has the reputation of being a nation that is democratic, secular, tolerant, just and developing. Whilst the people perennially are faced with issues such as crime, corruption, nepotism, injustice and inequality, women of this country have their additional share of problems.


Although, it is a country that is famous worldwide for the startling advancement that has taken place in the course of just 7 decades post independence; however, not much has changed for the females here.


Whereas, the metro cities have made a tremendous progress, rural and smaller areas are still as oblivious to the world as they always were and those who migrate from these small towns do not imbibe the educated culture that these metro cities supposedly offer.


Since childhood, we are told how we do not belong to the family we are born in. We are more like a parcel that will be handed over to the next coolie who will carry our burden till he can. We don’t really have any rights, well don’t get me wrong, the Constitution has given equal rights to each citizen, but that is just theory; in practice, the concept of rights is still very much alien to the women in the country.


women assault 2We begin learning that although we are very much a part of the society; this society doesn’t really have any value or even acceptance for our existence. Abuse and discrimination start at home in many families and it all evolves into something nastier and ghastly when we grow up.


We become accustomed to hearing lewd remarks by the time we are 12 or 13 years of age. We do not cringe when someone stares with eyes of a wretched monster in its greatest form. We are frightened when touched inappropriately for the first or the second time by a stranger or someone known, but with time even that becomes a way of life.


In many parts of India, child marriage is still a well-rooted practice and exchange of women in favor of goods and money is also a widely spread demon that is practiced unabashedly. These are the predicaments that are faced by women who are not educated.


The predicaments of the educated women are even severe. They do not just get exploited at home; they also have their admirers with claws in schools, colleges, and offices, who do not shy away from making life hell for them.


INEQUALITYIn the corporate world, women commonly are seen as a commodity. Some try to barter an assistant in favor of a contract and some like the meat for themselves to have some colorful moments while the wifey dearest waits on the dinner table. I agree that such practice is not a copyright practice of India and that it happens everywhere but then other countries do not pretend to be the worshippers of Goddesses. I mean, we have a whole festival devoted to worshipping young girls. In such a country where girls are worshipped, women are seen as nothing more than an article of trade and I can say that because being a woman I have seen such behavior, habits, patterns and inclinations in people that prove time and again that women are far from acquiring a respectful status not just in India but all over the world.


When you are not being exchanged for favors, you are being assessed inappropriately for the sake of fun. When you stand with a guy, you are sleeping with him; when you are a part of sporadic work meetings with seniors, you are using your body to get a raise or promotion; when you go out for a meeting and bring some business back, you have certainly offered sexual favors otherwise how a woman can bring business at all? Women are good to stay at home, cook and be the vagina that they are. When women succeed at work, along with success they are bestowed with some extremely enlightening superlatives such as bitch, tramp, cunt and whore so on and so forth because a woman is successful just because she slept with someone; talent, knowledge, skills, and experience have to nothing to do with success when it comes to women.


assault 4Such is the mentality of the people of this country that a woman can just be a commodity or flesh and anything achieved beyond that is because her character is loose. Here, if a woman is raped she is raped because she was wearing a skirt, or because she was out at around 9 pm she asked for it or because she had that look that said that she was open to assault or because she had male friends, if she can have male friends she certainly wouldn’t mind being rubbed in the wrong place.


The question is that why a nation that boasts of a rich culture, traditional roots, and mythological stories where women are revered for being what they are, has consistently failed to give women the respect and the life that they deserve? The question is that a nation that blows the trumpets of an ideology that is designed to give equal rights to all, fails miserably is protecting and safeguarding the rights of women? The question is that why a nation like ours cannot see women as human beings, why do they have to be labeled just as someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, someone’s wife or someone’s mistress?


assault 5These questions are too big for a system that is male dominated and owned by the people of minuscule and regressive thinking to give any answers or make any attempts that can possibly make a change for women in this country.

Bhavika Batra

The girl next door, exploring life and always on an adventure. Care to share your experience? If yes, let's get together to resolve this enigma called LIFE!

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