Will Google Tez be tez enough to Give its Competitors a Tough Run in the Market?

tez 2An India exclusive app has just been unveiled and debuts the over-crammed market of apps called Google Tez. The market was abuzz with rumors that Google is in the process of bringing a new app exclusively for India and it has finally been launched today.



This app is basically a mobile wallet for Indian users which is already being viewed as a big competition for PayTM. In the expanding e-payments market, Tez has managed to stir quite an uproar considering the fact that it comes from a giant like Google – the biggest search engine ever. It is also touted to pose a big threat to some established mobile wallets that are pretty famous amongst their users currently. Although, it would still be too early to anticipate anything, yet, the app looks well promising.


The app is already available for IOS and Android users. All you need to do to get the app is to go to the app store on your phone, search for the app, download the app and fill in some mandatory details, such as your name, mobile number, bank name so on and so forth and you are ready to transact.


Google has also launched a reward program along with the app and under the reward program a user can earn as much as Rs 9000 a year and you can make about Rs 51 when your referred friend makes his/her maiden payment through the app. The reward program is likely to run until April 2018.


Google has collaborated with some big names such as Dominos and PVR along with all the major banks of India to enable individuals and businesses to make and accept digital payments and it all starts today.


tez 3

The app encompasses an incredible feature that sets it apart. You can make cash transactions under a section called ‘Cash Mode Transactions’. You can also keep close tabs on all your transactions in this section. Along with that, you can send receive cash without having to share details such as your mobile number or bank details which is pretty cool.


The functioning of the app is almost identical to that of PayTM. You can either make QR transactions, where you just have to share the given code or you can use the phone number of the person you want to send money to. The 3rd mode of transaction is to use UPI ID, all you need to know is the ID of the person you want to send digital payment to and press the send button and your job is done.


tez1The working of the app is extremely easy with easier interface just like other offerings that Google brings from time to time. Available in about 7 languages, the app promises a seamless and suave functioning devoid of unnecessary hassles. Having said that, it would be interesting to see whether this app registers any success or fades away.

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