Let’s Paint a New Picture of the World We Want!

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Where are we heading?


We live in a world that is unsafe, unpredictable and also despicable to a great extent. But this isn’t how we started. When did we become the demons in the skin of humans?


There was a time when people loved one another. We could die to protect a stranger, we would go to any extent to keep a promise we made and we would do anything but disrespect another soul. But such is the time now that we can’t care enough for people we are related to. When did we become a society that is selfish, indifferent, self-consumed and vile?


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You are not safe anywhere, whether you are on a train, or a plane, in a public place or even your own house, you cannot be certain about security. We live in fear, we live in anticipation, we live a depressed life and we live worrying that maybe someone is watching us. We feel unsafe to use public toilets worrying that maybe someone had hidden a camera somewhere, when a stranger smiles we anticipate the worst intentions, when someone holds the door we assume that he certainly wants something in return, when someone asks for our phone number we already leap to a point when he would start stalking us and when we send our kids to school we worry about their well-being.


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Living this life of worry, we all are suffering with depression of one kind or another. Often kids complain about headache, they complain that they are having trouble sleeping, elders complain of stress and disorders of peculiar kinds. We are living in a vicious circle that is obscure and vague.


But do we have to live like this? Yes, we cannot control lunatics who walk into a crowd where people have gathered to make memories and start shooting them. We cannot straighten the miscreants who deceit the ones who trust them. But isn’t there anything that we can do? The problem is not on the surface but deep entwined in our culture, our living and lifestyle.

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The only way perhaps is to teach each one the basics of humanity. We will have to imbibe a culture of teaching the little ones the distinction between right and wrong. Instead of telling our boys to not go out in the night because they might make friends with wrong people we must teach them to learn to make a distinction between the right and the wrong. We have to teach them to know why they shouldn’t be in the company of wrong people and also for them to learn to recognize a person with a wrong character or wrong characteristics.


Instead of telling our girls to not go out in the night or not wear certain types of cloths; we need to tell our boys that girls have the equal rights to be out when they want to be out and wear what they want to wear.


Instead of pressurizing our kids with education and forcing them to score high we need to encourage them to score right. Instead of encouraging their blind race to have swanky gadgets, we must encourage them to have gadgets that they require.


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Instead of encouraging our boys to take the family forward, mothers nee to teach their daughters to take the lead, to have the confidence, to have the verve to stand against wrong.


Instead of spending time on social-media with friends we have never met, we need to invest time in the relationships we have, so that we are there for each other. Family is the one that sees the first signs of ailment of any kind in people. But we do not have enough time for family or loved ones anymore. Running after that one deal, that one client, that one project or job we, we have left behind the people or relations that matter the most and are the very reason why we run after those so called deals and projects that can be the ladder to success.


Although, it is easier said than done, however, it is not impossible. It is a long process that might take decades but an initiation has to be made. The right start would be to start teaching women about the right and the wrong. They have no realization of who they are, what they can be, what they should be doing and how they should pursue what they aspire to achieve.


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Let’s pledge to start doing whatever little or more we can in improving our surroundings and situations around us and it will all start with little steps such as staying an hour extra at work, making extra notes for a friend who couldn’t attend the class, waiting a little longer for dinner for one family member so that the whole family eats together, driving a colleague home, giving someone  sweet compliment, holding someone’s hand while crossing the road, being extra patient with kids while helping them with homework, so on and so forth.


The root cause is lack of love. While being busy with trivial things or showoff, we have somehow forgotten stuff that matters. Love matters, care matters, concern matters, being there for someone matters. We need to build that trust amongst each other once again that assured people that everything will be alright as someone will always be there to lend a shoulder when needed.

Bhavika Batra

The girl next door, exploring life and always on an adventure. Care to share your experience? If yes, let's get together to resolve this enigma called LIFE!

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