Great News For Those Who Love Their WhatsApp Chat Groups!

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With over 1 billion active users every month, WhatsApp is undeniably one of the most prominent social-media apps that we all use to exchange messages through an internet connection. There are  multiple reasons that make this particular app coveted and one such reason is the ease that the app offers. Be it exchanging text messages, voice messages, images or videos, everything is so conveniently possible on WhatsApp. There is a reason why Facebook bought the app for such a whopping amount and this app proves that each penny spent on the app is worth it, as from common man to big business people, they all prefer WhatsApp as the primary mode of communication.


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We all have multiple groups on this app, where we are a part of work, friends and family community and we can chat with multiple people at one time in a group. If there was just one thing that was missing on the app was group calling but according to the grapevine even that is going to be a possibility soon.


You heard it right! According to some authentic sources, work is under process to make group calling one of the many features of the super convenient app.  Although, there is a lot of speculation about when this feature will be rolled out, nevertheless, it is enthralling for chat lovers to know that this feature is soon going to be inculcated in the suave app.


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The first arrival of this feature is for iPhone. There have been numerous references to beta 2.17.70 iOS update and the stalwarts of the industry claim that this update will enable users to make group calls in their groups.  Although, the feature is only partially confirmed, however, the market is abuzz that the feature is confirmed and will soon be rolled out.


The same feature for android users will be made possible with v2.17.387, which will also bring some other features to make your WhatsApp experience even more interesting and stimulating. According to the insider news, some other efficacious features are also being experimented with to make this app even more practical and seamless.


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