We knew it won’t last but it was too beautiful to overlook!

Online dating? I was repulsed by the idea when someone first suggested it back in 2012. Was it even sane to look for love online?

In two days’ time, I too had become one of those sorry seekers of love, using fake identities and a blurred picture to find true love on a virtual platform.

Another two days and I posted my own picture but didn’t change the username and I was overwhelmed by the number of messages I received; some nice, some over sweet, and some deplorable, but mostly nice. I was on a quest to find true love and I did, with a twist.

Suddenly a message pops up by a man with a handsome face, cute dimples, and mesmerizing greens eyes and I was sure he was fake. He wasn’t. He came from a country infamous for being rude and snobbish 😊. I knew, I was getting myself into trouble but it was a risk worth taking.

He was everything success stands for. With an apartment in the heart of London, a job with a fancy title, in a renowned company, enveloped with a hefty paycheque. His life was sorted at 27. And on the other hand, was me; lost in a new city, unemployed, and with a shitty degree from a shitty university as he would often say.

Living in two different cities, it wasn’t so easy seeing each other and yet we found ways to stay in touch. I’d travel to London, he’d take me out and we’d end up at his apartment; cooking, scrolling Netflix, him smoking in his backyard and I just staring at him, sheepishly!

Somewhere between him playing guitar, singing impromptu songs for me, and treating me like I was the most beautiful girl he knew, I fell in love with him.


He cared for me dearly but he could never fall for me and he cannot be blamed. Nope, I am not one of those legally blond types who make it it impossible to love them, I was something beyond legally beyond.

Coming from two very different cultural backgrounds, I expected him to understand the language of silence and I wonder if he even had any expectations from me at all?

He would do all the talking and I would just reply, he would make all the plans and I would just follow, he would always be there on time and I’d never be (one thing he surely hated about me).

A person who is known for punctuality, never reached him on time ever. A person who talks like mad was mostly quiet with him, a person who is insanely expressive, hardly ever expressed herself with him. I never let him see who I really was.

I wasn’t the one he was looking for and neither was he the one for me but I had fallen in love and I had fallen hard. It was a one-sided love story. I was smitten by him, his smile, his laughter, his banter and even his sarcasm. I knew he didn’t feel the same way about me and that my love story came with a brusque full stop but that couldn’t and didn’t stop me from loving him.

Love is unconditional, then why do we always put conditions on it? I mean, it is love if only two people are involved, otherwise, it isn’t? I told him what I felt for him one fine day, knowing what his response would be and I was okay with it. At least, I had the courage to express my true emotions.

So, if you too have feelings for someone, do not wait for them to fall for someone else. Just talk to them and let them know how you feel. I mean, what can be better than two people being in love, Afterall?

Bhavika Batra

The girl next door, exploring life and always on an adventure. Care to share your experience? If yes, let's get together to resolve this enigma called LIFE!

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