Time to Welcome 2018 and Make Resolutions For the Year!

New Year Resolution

The new Year has begun! Its time for new promises, new resolutions and everything New!

We all partied hard, had a blast, got drunk, splurged on things like anything and slept in a friend’s house who is not really a friend. He is a friend’s friend or even worse, you can’t even remember who that kind soul was who let you stay at his place last night because you were too drunk to drive. That is how we always spend the New Year’s Eve but things need to change, perhaps not everything but certain things definitely need a bit of alteration.

We are officially is 2018 and we have promised ourselves that this year is going to be way better than the last one. But, have we really learnt our lessons or we are just fooling ourselves and others too.

How do you propose to make 2018 different than the previous years?

You have got to admit that there are things that we need to learn and unlearn. There are habits that we need to get rid of. There are some characteristics that we’d be better off without. Similarly, there are some common trends that we as a nation need to get rid of.

One of the most annoying trends is following people who have become stars by fluke

What is wrong with you people?

We were introduced to a young female singer. Songs about selfie, money and alcohol is what this young female brings to torture our ears. Millions of you are not only watching her videos but also liking them and following her. I think if a crow could sing, he could sing better. Songs are supposed to be melodious. I have been told that she sings, really? Even my parrot does, that doesn’t make my parrot a singer.

New Year Resolution

Ex Big Boss Contestants are insanely famous and followed but why? Who are they? one of the contestant’s bio says he is an actor, producer and critic. Really? What a buffoon. When it comes to acting or producing, he only has a couple of B grade movies to his credit. He talks rubbish on Twitter about upcoming and recently released movies. Saying anything that comes to one’s mind doesn’t make them a critic. He looks like a clown, he talks like one and he certainly has proved time as again that he is nothing but a clown.

But guess what? His followers on social-media include highly educated people. They say he is entertaining. How does it matter if what he says sounds rubbish. His stuff is entertaining and that’s all that matters. Really, since when did mediocracy become entertaining? It is disheartening to see that a wacko talking crap amuses and stimulates people.

People’s inclination towards cheap content is alarming and if a resolution is to be made then it should be about making smart decisions and having right ideals and liking.

Paid trends on Social-Media

New Year Resolution

We are all on social media and we socialize on at least one Social media channel routinely. The fact that channels like Facebook and Instagram have billions of active users per month is the reason why brands have started promoting their services and even selling on social-media.

To be known and to become a rage, you need to be on social-media, Period! But I do not understand the trend of paid trends or paid hashtags. Hashtags are magical because they can take your product or service to your target audience and organically increase your reach. People participate in hashtags because hashtags are the carriers of something wow. But most hashgtags I see today are paid which basically means that the fundamental idea of having something trend has changed. Things trend not because they are wow but because someone has been manipulating people’s opinion with money.

Things trend on social-media because influencers get paid to talk about them or because a brand pays the channel so that their product can be promoted as a trend on the channel. What a pompous world we have become.

You know what is trending on Twitter today? #HBDBRANDKRK – a country where KRK trends, is a nation that needs to be taught the meaning of words like ‘SENSE’, ‘NONSENSE’, ‘QUALITY’, and ‘CRAP’.

 It’s time we say no to paid trends.

Personal pictures, cheap jokes and insignificant stories being shared on LinkedIn

New Year Resolution

LinkedIn is for professionals. It is a platform where unemployed people can actually find a source that could help them. But I get real annoyed when I see posts that read something like “My wife knows it all” or “I went home and had Maggi for dinner”.

We do not need to turn everything into Orkut or Facebook. We have Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook to boast, to share stupid jokes or tease a friend. It would be wiser if let a professional platform remain a little professional.

Say no to content being served under the category known as ‘Reality TV’

New Year Resolution

There is nothing real about the reality shows that we see on TV today. One such show is Big Boss. The only purpose of this show is to put some faintly known people under one roof and then create situations that are bound to make people fight.

How destructive is this behaviour where we spend one hour of our day everyday for three months, watching people abuse, fight, manipulate and exploit their relationships and position.

We feel a sweet attachment to reality shows because they look like our ticket to fame, where we can participate and get a strike at the wheel of fortune of life but do we really get an opportunity or we give some wicked minds the authority to master our innocent lives?

If these reality shows were even remotely real, we would not have been able to guess the name of the winners in the first few weeks of the show, which is what happens in the case of most reality shows.

I could go on and on about things we need to stop doing and make a more constructive use of our precious time but then this blog is not sufficient for such assessment.

All I would say is that think wisely, act wisely, stay strong and have a rocking 2018!!

Bhavika Batra

Student of life and perpetually lost in words. Writes about life experiences, food, travel, fashion, technology and more!

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