Travel tips during festive season in India!

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A very Happy Diwali to all of you!


It is the most exciting time of the year for all Indians. With just one day to go for Diwali, everyone is in full spirits to celebrate the festival in the best possible way. The sweets and decorative stuff has been bought already and almost all the buildings are looking like a new bride decorated with beautiful blinking lights.


Diwali is also a festival that brings people together. No matter where we are or where we work, we all commute to home to celebrate this festival with family. However, it gets really chaotic to get train tickets or to commute by trains because thousands of people travel to far ends of the country to be with loved ones and to make memories to cherish.




Like many of us, I will also be travelling to Delhi from Chandigarh. I know I am one of the lucky ones, as I do not have to travel far and the highway that connects Delhi-Chandigarh is an extremely smooth ride. Still, it is going to be way busier around Diwali and so will be many other highways that connect people with people, families with families and lovers with lovers and friends with friends.


One can employ some common tips to avoid the rush during festive season. For example, I do not need to say that you must try to leave in early hours to avoid traffic and that your petrol tank should be full. There are a couple of other things that I’d be sharing in this blogpost that one should be careful about while travelling in our country during festive season.


diwali car checkCheck your Car properly: Make sure that your patrol tank is full, that the tyres of your car are in good shape, that the air conditioner works okay and the alignment of your car is fine, else your journey can be painful. Not that you must send your car for servicing before you travel every time, however, going to the gas station to check the performance of your car would be wise. Plus make sure that your pollution certificate is not outdated, else you might end up paying a big challan fee for something that would otherwise costs just Rs 50.


diwali mobile chargeKeep your phones charged and recharged: Make sure that you charge your phone and that you have enough balance on your phone. When you are on the road, you cannot be too sure about anything. You never know, you might have to call a family or friend due to some unforeseen situation, thus, it is wiser to charge your phones fully before you embark a road journey or any journey for that matter.



Print Keep a good supply of food and water: When you commute during festive season in India, you literally have no control on anything. Whether the roads are going to be jammed, whether the roads will be favorable, whether the weather is going to play the villain, and whether you will be completing a 5 hour journey is 5 hours or 10, is something you can never be sure about. Best is to have enough food and water supply so that even if you are stuck in traffic, you do not starve.


diwali clothingBe mindful of clothing you choose: This point can be useful especially for women who travel alone. It is wiser to dress up modestly while travelling. One must bear in mind that we live in a multi cultural country where people  may not be as liberated as you. You can be stuck in any situation while travelling thus you do not want be in cloths that are not comfortable, or in cloths that do not protect you against the weather conditions or against a person with a wicked mentality. A bit of caution can save us from an unpleasant experience.


diwali washroomUsing washrooms: Please try and halt at places that look decent. You never know who the sick pervert is and if someone has hidden a camera somewhere. Best is to cover your face while using the loo. You are never to know if a spy camera is hidden at any place. While using public services, to save yourself from trouble, the best is to keep your face hidden specifically when you are in the loo.


travel foodDon’t eat heavy: Try to keep a modest diet while you are travelling. Eating food that’s too oily might give you acidity or a feeling of unease. Also avoid drinking home-made drinks like Lassi as you never know whether healthy ingredients have been used or not to make the drink and an unhealthy drink can hit your body functioning instantly that can turn your journey into a difficult one.


busWhile using public transport: Many of us take the public buses to travel. It is not needed to say that do not take any food items from strangers, however, it is imperative to say that do not share your life story with someone you have befriended on the bus. Living in the times we live, you cannot trust a stranger who you have just met. They can have any hidden motives and they can harm you way worse than you’d ever even imagine.


kids diwaliTravelling with Kids: You have to be extra meticulous if you are travelling with kids. Keep a strict eye on your kids when you stop for using the services or having food. Make sure you do not let them go anywhere with the hotel staff and accompany them to the washrooms. Kids are vulnerable thus, more prone to mishappening. Also make sure that you carry special food for your kids in case they require something that is of special nature. Do not drive too fast if you have a child trusting you while enjoying their ride in the backseat of your car.

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