Time to Verify Your Business Account on WhatsApp!


whats app 2WhatsApp – an app that is being used by billions of people all over the world, is going a notch higher with its latest endeavor. From exchanging greetings to exchanging jokes, from sharing pictures to sharing videos and even exchanging GIFs and much more is done on this app on a daily basis. It is one app that has become vital to life due to the ease that it offers and now the app is going the business way.


whats app 3The super efficient app is about to evolve into a more serious activity in the near future as the company is running a pilot program at present and the intent is to render exclusive services to businesses. According to the web page of the famous website, the idea has already been rolled out and soon businesses will have this exclusive service available which is an initiative to give businesses a formal yet intimate channel to interact with their customers.


So brace your business to get a tick of verification which is going to be green in colour. The functioning will be similar to Facebook and Twitter and the feature will be active on the portal shortly.


At present, this facility is available to only a few selected businesses that are a part of the pilot program. Once your account is verified, you will receive a message from WhatsApp admin team which will be the confirmation for you that your account has been verified. The message that you will receive will be yellow in colour.


whats app finalAlthough the new development is great news for businesses, there is a minor catch in the story. The app offered the possibility of deleting chats to those who are obsessed with privacy; however, the same will not be a possibility with the verified businesses accounts. The fact that the chats are private and that they can be deleted is the reason why some relish on this app but how businesses will respond to the fact that chats cannot be deleted is yet to be established.


This app that was bought for a whopping amount of $19 billion about 3 years ago is yet to make any revenue and yet the company refuses the infusion of advertisement culture in the app. Nevertheless, the means to make money out of this app are being explored consistently. The standalone option for corporate is touted to be the means through which the portal is hoping to start making money. Whether this feature will actually turn out to be the money making tool or not is something that will be established in future once the app is fully in action.


The refreshing excerpt of the tale is that the attempt is being made to bring businesses more into apps and users will be able to communicate with their banks, airlines and other such entities through this standalone app itself. The basic idea is to give businesses an opportunity to engage and interact with their customers on a more personal level which is formal at the same time.


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