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Social-Media, Depression or Confidence – What is Making Us so Needy?

What is this thing with people being so loud in public places? Have you even been in a place that looks plush but often occupies people that don’t fit the bill? I often wonder what is it that makes people behave a certain way in public places. There was a time when we were taught to be mannerly and courteous in public places. I’d get told off if I’d ever be loud in a coffee shop or if my behaviour ever attracted unnecessary attention but it seems like the odd is the new routine

Time to Welcome 2018 and Make Resolutions For the Year!

The new Year has begun! Its time for new promises, new resolutions and everything New! We all partied hard, had a blast, got drunk, splurged on things like anything and slept in a friend’s house who is not really a friend. He is a friend’s friend or even worse, you can’t even remember who that kind soul was who let you stay at his place last night because you were too drunk to drive. That is how we always spend the New Year’s Eve but things need to change, perhaps not everything but certain

Compassion is the Force that Guides Us All!

  Do you remember your Dadi Ma telling you stories of morals and honesty in childhood? What is it about stories that leaves us awestruck and nostalgic? They are a reflection of the life we ideally should have but somehow along with the time we have started to forget the values that are the very core of our being and yet, from time to time we get to hear about instances that compel us to believe that there are still some values, love and humanity left in us. One such story is the story

What Makes it Okay to Troll Celebrities For the Choices They Make For Themselves?

Social-media – what is it really? Is it a virtual platform where you meet the people you know, a platform that enables you to share your life experiences with your group of people or a weapon that we all have started to use to demean others? A renaissance that social-media started with its advent where people could share their exotic experiences with friends has gradually turned into a revolt that is sabotaging, disrupting and inhuman to a great extent. It has turned into a lethal weapon

Time to Verify Your Business Account on WhatsApp!

  WhatsApp - an app that is being used by billions of people all over the world, is going a notch higher with its latest endeavor. From exchanging greetings to exchanging jokes, from sharing pictures to sharing videos and even exchanging GIFs and much more is done on this app on a daily basis. It is one app that has become vital to life due to the ease that it offers and now the app is going the business way.   The super efficient app is about to evolve into a more serious

Know All About Sarahah – The App That Can Build or Sabotage Your Morale!

Are you open to get brutal comments from people? Will you be okay if someone revealed intimate information about you publically where any Tom-Dick and Harry can read what’s written there? If not, then Sarahah is not the thing for you. So, What is Sarahah? Sarahah is a mobile app that was launched in June. It is an app where you can send-receive honest feedback from friends. You can pose a question to your friends but you will never get to know who answered the question. At the same time, you