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Is Government the only one to be Blamed for Covid-19 Lockdown Failure!

Ignorance is bliss they say. I guess, this is precisely the reason why we ignored all the signs of a pandemic preparing to take an ugly shape. But the fact is that bliss that comes as a result of ignorance is shallow and meaningless and the same is the case with Coronavirus; our ignorance could not and did not save us from this demon.  Today, we have almost 5 million Covid-19 cases worldwide and India just crossed the 100,000 mark, after a frustrating Tom & Jerry chase that started about 100

Is Citizenship Amendment Bill The New Excuse for Haters to Spread Hatred!

Is the Citizenship Amendment Bill really what it is being portrayed to be? The capital is burning. The students are protesting against the new bill passed by the Government and it is spreading like a wildfire to the other parts of India. The politicians in the ruling party know why they are doing what they are doing. And, as expected, the people in the opposition are fuelling the fire that has engulfed our nation.  Well, it is an absurdity to expect humanity from our politicians, regardless of

Abhinandan – The Hero That Made India Proud!

Wing Commander Abhinandan Vathaman – One Indian united the entire nation and compelled the world power to laud his courage and lay the right pressure on Pakistan to do what’s right. His dignity, poise and valour while trapped in the claws of the most horrendous situation possible, astounded the world and melted the most insensitive hearts. They simply had to bow before the hero that made India proud. Our hero Abhnandan Varthaman made India proud. Such was the power of the simplicity and the

#MeToo is knocking Indian Doors with Elan!

Breaking News - #MeToo is finally floating in India. In fact, it is at its scorching peak right now. With so many celebrities coming out in the open to share the ordeal they experienced, India is bracing up for all those skeletons that are about to come out of the closet. But, what is #MeToo really? #MeToo is India’s adopted campaign (from the west) against sexual harassment. After shaking Hollywood with its shocking revelations, breaking images, sabotaging empires and taming some real

5 Super Exciting Facts to Be Proud of India This #IndependenceDay

Well, before I start talking about stuff that you might not agree with, let me just state that I am not really a fan of the system that we have, or rules, or laws or anything whatsoever and yet there are things that I take great pride in. This Independence Day, let's talk about things that still make this country worth living. I am not going to talk about our culture as I am not really a big fan of our culture either. On the contrary, I believe that we use our culture as a defence everytime

The Red Carpet was on Fire with Deepika Padukone at Cannes!

    Cannes Film Festival, formerly known as International Film Festival, started in 1946 and has been hosting some of the most renowned names of the global film industry for decades. It is one event that takes place in Cannes, France every year where the industry aficionados meet peers and also review some the best works of art from around the world. Being invited to the event is a mark of status, prestige and honour for the attendees and they all gather zealously to

Holi Celebrations – What We Do and What It Is Meant to be! #HappyHoli

Holi – a festival celebrated with colours. Just say the word Holi and it makes one feel exuberant and cheery. Festivals in India are often a celebration of the victory of good over evil and Holi is also to celebrate the same virtue. Legend or myth, Holi is celebrated with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm by the people of all ages. According to a famous belief, Holi is celebrated to pay respect to Lord Vishnu, who killed an arrogant king called Hiranyakashipu. Hiranyakashipu was one

Cheap Journalism and Media obsession with Celebrity Culture #SrideviDeathMystery

A Padma Shri award winning actor dies and media gets the perfect opportunity to mint money. It has been about 72 hours that Sridevi died in her hotel room in Dubai and all the news channels have only one thing to telecast since. But, is it really journalism? Are we getting news or we are being slapped in our face. Where did the responsible media vanish? #SriDeviDeathMystery Nirav Modi robs India, a singer allegedly molests a reality show contestant and a superstar dies abroad. We are not alien

It is time we make the necessary alterations to our approach towards work and life!

India is known as the country that has the largest number of younger generation, some even call us the youngest country. Unfortunately, we are also the country with highest suicide rate. According to the available data, at least one student commits suicide in our country every hour. Can you even imagine how alarming this is? But, why is it happening? There isn’t a precise answer for that. Some would say that those who commit suicide are weak people and thus, they take such drastic steps. But

Have We Made the Right Shift or We Need to Take a Safe UTurn?

    Are we making a big cultural shift or an unabashed imitation of everything that shines is digging a grave for what we proudly call our's? The process of change has indeed begun and it has begun with a bang. The kind of changes, I have noticed personally are mind-boggling.   India is seen as one nation that holds insane scope for multinational vultures to come and set up their businesses here and reap the great benefits at the same time. The humongous