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The Red Carpet was on Fire with Deepika Padukone at Cannes!

    Cannes Film Festival, formerly known as International Film Festival, started in 1946 and has been hosting some of the most renowned names of the global film industry for decades. It is one event that takes place in Cannes, France every year where the industry aficionados meet peers and also review some the best works of art from around the world. Being invited to the event is a mark of status, prestige and honour for the attendees and they all gather zealously to

Cheap Journalism and Media obsession with Celebrity Culture #SrideviDeathMystery

A Padma Shri award winning actor dies and media gets the perfect opportunity to mint money. It has been about 72 hours that Sridevi died in her hotel room in Dubai and all the news channels have only one thing to telecast since. But, is it really journalism? Are we getting news or we are being slapped in our face. Where did the responsible media vanish? #SriDeviDeathMystery Nirav Modi robs India, a singer allegedly molests a reality show contestant and a superstar dies abroad. We are not alien

What Makes it Okay to Troll Celebrities For the Choices They Make For Themselves?

Social-media – what is it really? Is it a virtual platform where you meet the people you know, a platform that enables you to share your life experiences with your group of people or a weapon that we all have started to use to demean others? A renaissance that social-media started with its advent where people could share their exotic experiences with friends has gradually turned into a revolt that is sabotaging, disrupting and inhuman to a great extent. It has turned into a lethal weapon

The Audiences Had a Complete Dose of Entertainment While Bollywood Played Clash of Clans!

The fiasco that took place after Kangana Ranaut’s appearance on famous Koffee with Karan needs no introduction. The world has witnessed how Kangana snubbed Karan on his own show. Karan being the host of the show, did not retaliate much during that particular episode, however, we all have enjoyed the circus that has kept us all entertained for months after the telecast of that infamous episode. For those who are not yet aware of the buffoonery that was made of a serious issue, Kangana the