If You Have These 5 Traits, You Are Not Made for a Corporate System!

Survive in Corporate

Okay, congratulations to you on that promotion or for securing a new job. It takes a real warrior to survive the Corporate battle. But, for those who are struggling to create a ground, have you ever wonder why that insidious, good for nothing ass of a person always outperforms you?

Well, before you pick up the dice once again, ask yourself whether the Corporate Snakes & Ladder is really your game or not? To survive in Corporate, you need more than just talent and knowledge. Let’s explore more about the same.

When you go and meet new people, the first thing they ask is where you work and you very proudly give them the name of that jungle that hounds you for 9 hours every day. In that moment this snakes and ladder game seems like a necessary evil, after all, it pays the bills, right?

But, have you ever wondered if they ask you the right question? No, obviously they don’t but do you ever ask yourself whether this really is something that you want to do, whether it really makes you happy? We are not asking the right questions and expecting the ideal answers.

It is not so difficult to love what we do. Engineers bring new inventions, IT people have made our life what it is today, media people are connecting our world and scientists are searching for a new land so that we can corrupt a new planet. It won’t be wrong to say that they probably love what they do but do they love the place where they do it?


Corporate Traits

Our office is a place where we spend most of our time. We meet people, make friends, learn new skills, work on new projects, start enjoying the process and then we start seeing a different face of those same people whom we call friends. Colleagues suddenly become competitors, seniors become snakes, projects become a game and the dice is always in the hands of someone else.

Sometimes you come home disappointed and sometimes defeated. It is the case with most of the people. When you look at groups of people having a light banter, it seems like every team other than yours is happy. They work together, learn together, eat together, struggle together and win together. But, believe it or not, every team has the same struggles that you deal with in your team. There are cracks that you see only when you are a part of something particular.

So, next time when you assume that only you are the one going through a tough time in the office, remember if the office was really a party place, everyone would have been dancing on the tables but it is not. It is one place where you go to work, to learn something and in the end, you get a fat cheque that keeps you away from your personal aspiration for a few more days, months or years.

If you are not unhappy with the job you are doing then trust me you are one of those handful of lucky people who are just in the right place but if you are one of those millions who feel like their life is going nowhere then maybe you need to review your career choices.

If you have these 5 personality traits then Corporate is not really the place for you #surviveInCorporate


Survive in Corporate

If you are one of those who are easily hurt, who take everything to their heart and who find it amusing to see people being rude then an Office environment may not be the right place for you. Corporate is like a callous ocean where tides can take any shape or height and if you are going to get hurt just by thinking about characteristics waves that are innate to people belonging to different backgrounds then you might not find yourself very happy in a corporate set-up. You may need to develop a thick skin to survive in Corporate.


Corporate Traits

We all ponder about things and make plans but if you are one of those who make a mountain out of a molehill in every situation then you might reconsider going into a corporate set-up. There will always be situations where you will be asked questions, where you would be expected to make mistakes or where you would be bound to have confrontations and if you are a person who thinks excessively about every situation then either you need to work on this trait or you need to think of an alternate career path.

Tongue in Cheek:Corporate Traits

If you are one of those who don’t think before speaking, who like a bit of sarcasm or those who just speak their mind, well unless you are on a senior position, this characteristic may not help you at all. While the Corporate admires docile characteristics, the tongue in cheek feature is something they despise. So, the choice is yours, you either customise your basic nature or the doors would be shown sooner than you imagine.

You are not a Yes Person:Survive in Corporate

If you are one of those who like to use their brains when required, who like to express their opinion regardless of who is in the room and who call a spade a spade then trust me there are going to be a million rumours floating in your office building about you. So either you develop a thick skin and continue being who you are or you become a yes person who takes orders and executes. If you can do it, you will go far in professionally and if you can’t then you will keep hopping jobs, looking for a place that doesn’t exist. Sorry, if I just popped your bubble but the truth hurts mate!


Lone Warrior:

Survive in Corporate

You probably are someone who has always done things on his own. Who can sit alone in a theatre and enjoy a good movie, who can go out alone for dinner to a fancy place, all you need is yourself you have a good evening but this doesn’t work in the Corporate, period! In the Corporate environment, people work in teams, we sometimes succeed in making the other person understand our perspective and sometimes we accept the estimation of others but we work on a project together, we move in the same direction towards a common goal. If you find it hard to work in a team then Corporate is the last place where you will find peace. Run off now, you are in the wrong place.



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