Is Quarantine the Key to Answer Our Perennial Existential Questions?


Quarantine – the word sounds dreadful. Let’s accept the fact that none of us want to be locked in a room for 14 days, having no connection with the outside world. It is almost killing to imagine being alone in a small room, not being able to touch or hug our loved ones.


But is it really the fear of not being able to see family and friends or the fear of being left alone with our thoughts that drives us crazy? Why are we so afraid of spending time with ourselves?


When it all started last year, we often heard stories of people flouting quarantine centers and hiding so that they won’t be caught again and put back in isolation. But why? If you can’t spend time with yourself for just 14 days, how do you expect your mother to forever love you, your father to take your responsibility, your sister to understand you, and for your brother to back you every time you fall?


What kind of a society have we become where we make virtual relationships on online platforms, we have a long list of people we call friends and yet we find ourselves looking for just one person who’d be willing to spend time with us on a Sunday evening? Having a half an hour chat with our siblings is so hard that we end up fighting but we make excuses to talk to that one friend or colleague or a romantic partner who can’t seem to care for our emotional needs. What is everyone seeking?



And if our families are so bad, if our people are so intolerable, then why are we scared of going in isolation? So, basically, we are social beings, who are this superficial hero for everyone in the society but a real demon at home, who fails to have a decent conversation or discussion with family? When did we become this difficult?


I have spent the last 12 days in quarantine, in a new country, in an unfamiliar environment where food is limited, options are scarce, weather is gloomy and the TV has probably two functional channels. And I can confidently say that I have enjoyed these days to the core. I have seen the sun rising every day after perhaps 20 years, I have talked to myself, and I have heard myself. I have figured what my twin-soul or my guardian angel is trying to convey to me and it all happened because I allowed myself to stop. I allowed myself to accept my present situation and surrender to it. Sometimes, when you can’t fight something, it is okay to surrender and just go with the flow.


Sometimes, it is okay to not run, to not be chasing goals, to not be thinking about that next meeting, to not be worrying about the next financial grant. Sometimes, it is enlightening to just sit, breathe, admire your surroundings, enjoy the moment and forget about everything else. Sometimes, it is okay to allow yourself to just be yourself and not impersonate the best version of you, to not pretend to be ecstatic, to not act like everything is wow.


Quarantine was perhaps just an excuse that nature made to make us see how beautiful and uncomplicated everything is. It is a tool to empower us, to spend time solitarily with ourselves, and to know our strengths and use them for good. Quarantine is indeed just a notion, the idea is to help us see that life is more than just stupid goals that society forces us to pursue, it is really an opportunity to relax and reflect and to make a wiser vision for our future.


I’d say go in self-imposed isolation to meet the real you, to figure out what you want, and to prepare a roadmap for everything that you want in life. And when you come out, you will have better relationships, not just with yourself but your friends and family too because you will then know your own value and the value of someone’s company.




Bhavika Batra

The girl next door, exploring life and always on an adventure. Care to share your experience? If yes, let's get together to resolve this enigma called LIFE!