Is Government the only one to be Blamed for Covid-19 Lockdown Failure!

Covid-19 Lockdown

Ignorance is bliss they say. I guess, this is precisely the reason why we ignored all the signs of a pandemic preparing to take an ugly shape. But the fact is that bliss that comes as a result of ignorance is shallow and meaningless and the same is the case with Coronavirus; our ignorance could not and did not save us from this demon.  Today, we have almost 5 million Covid-19 cases worldwide and India just crossed the 100,000 mark, after a frustrating Tom & Jerry chase that started about 100 days ago. Although it has taken us way longer than the western world to reach this agonizing mark, it still is scary to realize that we have these many infections, especially because we were under very strict Covid-19 lockdown.

In the last 50 something days, we have been bored, clueless, scared, depressed, upset, and also angry with the authorities for not doing enough or for overdoing things. But haven’t we read and heard enough about what the government could do differently to better deal with this crisis? How about we contemplate how we could do things differently?

Our attitude to the crisis was frivolous and despicable. We were just not willing to slow down and we did everything to disregard every guideline and precaution suggested by those who understand this situation better. Aren’t we equally responsible for the failure of the Covid-19 lockdown?


We Are Invincible, Dammit!

Covid-19 Lockdown

While the world was shutting down, we in India were still going out, clubbing, camping, and partying. We were still holding weddings and large gatherings. Neither did we care about our own life nor about the lives of our loved ones. We underestimated the power of this devil and fell prey to its lethal power. We didn’t believe the virus could reach our homes. But, it did and now we have a scary number of infections in the country which will only increase now since the lockdown is lifting. But you know what’s more frustrating? The fact that we still are not wearing face masks or other protective gear. It is disturbing to see such a lever of arrogance in people


The Migrant March, We Go Home, Okay?

Covid-19 Lockdown

Thousands and thousands of migrants started marching home. What was the need to suddenly start a journey back home? They were promised shelter and food, then why was the whole situation turned into a circus? Their plight was turned into a show and the world was the spectator to their shenanigans. The intent was to stop the spread of the virus, right?

Moreover, the migrants cannot be blamed for being ill-informed, they do not have the astute to understand the situation and to be honest, anyone would want to be with their families during such times.

We, on the other hand, accused the government for what was happening. Our social media walls and message boxes were flooded with people showing videos of migrants crossing hundreds of miles on foot. They had little children with them, who were hungry, hopeless, and hounded by the stretch of their journey. While we were busy cursing the government for not doing enough, these migrants took the infection to the nooks of the country that were safe from this virus. This all shouldn’t have started in the first place and yes, the government should have done something to help them when they failed to stop them where they were. Things would have been much better if the migrants had not started walking home.


Don’t Tell us What to Do, Period!


We were constantly getting the instructions to remain home and avoid human to human contact but when do we Indians listen? We went out when we had absolutely no reason to be out, we mingled with others, we played Cricket in the gully, we made TikTok videos outside our home and we sneaked our domestic help in when no one was looking so that we didn’t have to clean our own house or wash our own clothes. We also opened our shops discreetly to keep the business running. What happened as a result? The number of infections kept increasing.


What is Social-Distancing?

Covid-19 Lockdown

The first lockdown had been declared for only 21 days. If we had followed the instruction, it wouldn’t have been extended so many times. The government knows that they cannot keep us locked forever and so they gradually started easing things. They opened liquor shops in good faith and what happened? Thousands thronged these shops, disregarding the social-distancing to buy liquor. People were all over each other to get their hands on the liquor bottle. If that was not enough, we gathered in thousands to welcome a Monk in MP.

Obviously buying liquor or welcoming a monk was more important than being alive for us Indians and then we blame the government for everything that goes wrong.


Crossing Interstate Borders

Covid-19 Lockdown

As soon as the lockdown was eased, thousands started aimless journeys across borders. Most had no reason or the permission to cross borders but hey, who needs a reason? We have been told that we can go out and so we are out. Doesn’t matter if we choke the borders or if we cause unnecessary delays to those who actually need to be somewhere. With ‘stop me if you can’ attitude people ignored all the guidelines that were given to keep us safe from the coronavirus.


It is easy to blame everyone for everything that goes wrong but the coronavirus situation has made it very clear that either we are too stupid to understand how grievous the situation is or we are too arrogant to acknowledge the elephant in the room. Either way, we are going to be the ones facing graver challenges due to our arrogance or ignorance. Ignorance is not bliss; it is only the absence of knowledge.

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