Compassion is the Force that Guides Us All!

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Do you remember your Dadi Ma telling you stories of morals and honesty in childhood? What is it about stories that leaves us awestruck and nostalgic? They are a reflection of the life we ideally should have but somehow along with the time we have started to forget the values that are the very core of our being and yet, from time to time we get to hear about instances that compel us to believe that there are still some values, love and humanity left in us.

One such story is the story of a homeless man who helped a stranger and in return he is going to get the life he once lived.


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The story goes like this. A woman driving in some shady area, runs out of gas on her car and is stuck in a place that looks deserted. She calls her boyfriend telling him that she has run out of gas in a remote area and he starts his journey towards her but in the mean time a man comes from the bushes and asks her if she is in trouble?

Although petrified of the stranger who looks shoddy, still, she tells him that she has run out of petrol. He tells her to sit tight in her car and to lock the car from the inside. Within minutes he returns with a can of petrol which he bought from the only money he had on him. She didn’t really have money on her that night to return but she couldn’t be more grateful.

She calls back her boyfriend who is on his way to her and explains the entire episode to him. In the following days they both return to the spot where she met that stranger on that fateful night and finally find him after many failed visits.


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That man is now homeless but used to be a vet. They offer him some money which he takes while saying that he will share the money with his mates. A homeless man with such kind and considerate heart; the whole episode has the perfect ingredients for a heartwarming story. The couple decides to raise funds for this man who doesn’t want to be on the streets and once had a life of grace and respect.

You’d be surprised that within days they have collected funds from all over the world and raised about 360,000 US dollars for the man.

Such stories touch our heart and are compelling enough for us to believe that there is some love and compassion left in all of us. The homeless man could just leave the lady alone to deal with her predicament and the kind couple could just give him some money and forget about him. But they both went beyond possible to do something for someone they didn’t know and that’s what makes this story worth sharing.


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Stories can touch us in ways that nothing else can. It is the feeling of love, humanity, kindness and compassion that touches us in ways that cannot be explained easily but love prevails and wins and so do such stories that restore our faith in the race that we are.

Do you have any such stories to share? Something that happened with you or something that you experienced or witnessed?

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