The Political Lobbies and the Bollywood has been Exposed #KanganaRanaut


Kangana Ranaut

Law has been murdered, democracy has been demolished and free speech has been arrested. Today, India saw a new low in the history of the histrionics that our political clowns show from time to time. They killed a star in his house and assumed that the public will forget about it in no time and they also succeeded in manipulating the truth initially. But then came a voice from the woman who has always taken a stand for what is right. Kangana Ranaut, the recipient of the Padma Shri Award, spoke on a TV channel and revealed some dirty secrets of the Bollywood. She openly challenged the Maharashtra Government’s white lie and said that Sushant Singh Rajput’s death was not a suicide but a gruesome murder.


Now, suddenly there was a lot of discomfort and malaise in certain Bollywood lobbies

The people in Bollywood who had only been supporting the sham depression theory that had clouded the truth around Sushant’s death were instantly active. Those who couldn’t say one good thing about their late colleague were suddenly tweeting about how they had known about his mental condition and drug addiction for years. Kangana Ranaut took a few names in her interview with Arnab Goswami and the context of her conversation was again manipulated to show how bichara (innocent) the whole Bollywood clan is and how Kangana is trying to tarnish the image of the sanctimonious Bollywood. The usual (B-Grade) suspects, the sloppy outsiders, were again assigned the job to campaign for equality and opportunity in Bollywood. And I must commend these B graders, I don’t think anyone can lick better. They have been doing a splendid job at showing how shoddy, shallow, and glib they are.

The so-called youth icons of Bollywood were busy smoking their 10 grams of legal Marijuana, supplied by the poor victim of patriarchy Rhea, believing that their pets like Pannu, Bhaskar, and Sait are campaigning for them and the matter will be put to a deep slumber soon.  But the clutches of ED, NCB, and CBI were getting tighter on Rhea’s neck, and now the matter was out of Bollywood’s hands. They wanted an end to this by hook or by crook and as a result, the nation witnessed the authoritarianism of the Maharashtra Government today.


The ugly political prejudice and the outrage in the public

Kangana Ranaut


What India witnessed today will be remembered for years. There is outrage, disgust, and doubt in the mind of every Indian today. If a celebrity getting Y level security can be harassed the way she was today, no one in this country is safe. And why? Because Kangana Ranaut indicated that the murder case also has a political angle involved?

Her property was demolished in her absence. This property has been there since 2018 and all of a sudden it was declared illegal, how? And while all this was happening to a colleague, the so-called warriors of feminism were quiet. Nobody from Bollywood felt unsafe in India today, nobody’s heart bled for their colleague Kangana, no one bothered who will pay for the reconstruction of her dream, no one held placards demanding justice. Why such double standards? While Rhea, the accused in a murder case and a drug peddler has all their sympathy, the whistleblower is their enemy, why?


The Maharashtra Government made the whole thing personal because a certain section of media revealed that this case involves a very conspicuous politician and Kangana Ranaut was the whistleblower.


Vinash Kale Vipreet Buddhi


The government today made it very clear that they are involved in the Sushant Murder case somehow. There is no smoke without fire. There certainly is a big drug syndicate, and the political lobby and Bollywood mafia are involved in Sushant’s murder. The public was patiently waiting for the CBI to disclose facts about his death but what the Maharashtra government has done today simply evidences how rattled and scared they are. It also shows how helpless they are, they know that the nation is very close to knowing what happens in the cozy Bollywood groups and political lobbies, and thus, they are trying to quiet every voice that is trying to reveal the truth.


Threatening the key witnesses, mocking the trust of the public, arresting journalists, and demolishing properties illegally, won’t save the ones they are trying to protect nor will it distract the nation.


Kangana Ranaut is a tigress and she fights like one. The nation is with her, even those who were blowing the feminism and patriarchy trumpet, are asking questions. You will not be able to silence 130 crore people, who are doubtful today and are seeking the truth.Kangana Ranaut






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