#MeToo is knocking Indian Doors with Elan!

Breaking News – #MeToo is finally floating in India. In fact, it is at its scorching peak right now. With so many celebrities coming out in the open to share the ordeal they experienced, India is bracing up for all those skeletons that are about to come out of the closet.

India #MeToo

But, what is #MeToo really?

#MeToo is India’s adopted campaign (from the west) against sexual harassment. After shaking Hollywood with its shocking revelations, breaking images, sabotaging empires and taming some real beasts, it has eventually made its way to the country of culture where every pervert behaves like your well-wisher and tells you what you must and must not do.

What’s appalling is that we need such movements to articulate that we have been victimised. If we plainly just say that someone looked at us inappropriately or passed an undue remark or touched us against our will, that is not enough because that cannot be validated by those who call themselves the society.

#MeToo 2018

There is always a lot of noise made about and against things when something of this sort happens. ‘I too was there’, ‘we knew about it’, ‘it wasn’t a secret’, you’d hear such statements routinely when something sensational happens. But, how come their conscience awakes only after someone gathers the courage to put their life and dignity on the edge and speaks about something as sensitive as this?

The Phantom Films have dissolved their partnership with Vikas Bahl, a guy who is being accused by even the A-Listers of assault and misconduct. The question is ‘didn’t these so-called clean collared partners know what this guy was doing’?

One woman puts her dignity at stake and suddenly everyone joins to enjoy the heat of the bonfire.

But at what cost? Tanushree Dutta just brought a wave that was long due. Some doubt the credibility of her story but her story is not shocking or unbelievable. There could be 100% credibility in her story but people like questioning every woman that shows valour to stand against the wrong. The so-called society has always been the roadblock in the path of justice and millions of voices have been strangulated.

2018 #MeToo

Some are still calling it the ‘Careless Whispers‘ but, gradually people have started to join the #MeToo bandwagon to express what they have been through. Actors like Chitrangada Singh and male actors like Saif Ali Khan have also shared their little harassment stories. Karan Johar on his cult show #KoffeWithKaran also talked about the wave that has engulfed Bollywood with utmost shock and worry.

While people like Vinta Nanda, Nayani Dixit, and Sandhya Mridul have come forward to unveil some dirty names, some in the industry are taking sides. We need to understand that this isn’t the time to prove friendships but to show solidarity to humanity and to what’s right.

In the middle of all this are people who try to take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way and in return get slammed by thick lawsuits. Looking for their cheap two minutes of fame, these people divert people’s attention to trivial nothings. People like Rakhi Sawant fish for cheap publicity and people like Kanagana Ranaut publically command the industry to stop working with people that she has grudges against.

Bollywood #MeToo

It is time that women stopped playing the damsel and took charge of their own life. If someone wronged you, screaming from the rooftop and asking others to stand by your stand won’t help. Fight your battle and let your victory make the noise. But no, people like them want to make all the noise without any substance to their stories.

In the end, the truth wins. #MeToo is sure going to shatter some images and make a much-needed difference, however, chances are equally likely that it will get misused by many who’d channelise their personal vendettas in the name of a fair campaign. Still, this was long due and is certainly going to bring a positive wave of change.


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