Media Bandwagon is All Set to do the Monkey Dance at Sonam Kapoor’s Marriage!


Sonam Kapoor Wedding


Get ready for the media circus on Sonam Kapoor’s marriage. The beloved Kapoor daughter Sonam Kapoor is all set to tie the knot with her long-term boyfriend Anand Ahuja. After keeping everything under a tight wrap, the family has finally announced the wedding date. While the family of the bride to be is busy making the final arrangements, friends and Bollywood are busy running the last minute errands to Manish Malhotra, and the bride herself is busy keeping a low profile for as long as she can. Typical!

Amidst all this is media – the most excited lot of guests who do not even hold the invitation to the do. Sonam Kapoor’s marriage is the much-awaited event of the year so far and the media bandwagon is ready to dig up all the irrelevant information and stuff it in the face of the audience. Alas!


Anil Kapoor's Daughter


Media people are the unpaid freelance photographers who are more than happy to be present at an event where they are neither invited nor welcomed and yet they take free ka shots of celebrities, making them look larger than life in their outlandish outfits. Media are also the people who make it impossible for a celebrity to enjoy the most nostalgic moments of their lives, as the shameless media is ever so prompt in turning an intimate event into a 35mm screen for all to see.

From being served hot and spicy tales of when Sonam Kapoor will be going for honeymoon to the stories of her cousins preparing special dance performances, media is scouting for anything that they can classify as news and throw in the face of the audiences.

Brace yourself and get ready to see your television screen smeared with pictures of Sonam Kapoor, starting with the pictures from her childhood, to her debut in Bollywood, to the tales of her infamous arrogant attitude. Just pull your socks to listen to all those irrelevant tales that you have nothing to do with on all the news channels and entertainment portals.

Begani Shadi me itne sare Abdulla Deewane 🙂 #SonamKapoorMarriage 

Veere Di Wedding


Remember what happened with Sania Mirza – well she had to self-impose a house arrest to keep an intimate affair as intimate as possible at the time of her marriage. Be prepared to see a similar kind of circus on 7th and 8th May 2018 – the days when the marriage ceremonies allegedly take place.

It is futile to expect the media to give these celebrities a breather and at the same time, it is in vain to expect them to not go overboard with their coverage of celebrity events. They can turn a death into a procession (remember what happened with Sri Devi?) and turn a wedding into a black-day parade effortlessly. There is no escape from such news, best is to enjoy what you like and ignore the over-do of things.


Sonam Kapoor

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