What Makes it Okay to Troll Celebrities For the Choices They Make For Themselves?

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Social-media – what is it really? Is it a virtual platform where you meet the people you know, a platform that enables you to share your life experiences with your group of people or a weapon that we all have started to use to demean others?

A renaissance that social-media started with its advent where people could share their exotic experiences with friends has gradually turned into a revolt that is sabotaging, disrupting and inhuman to a great extent.

It has turned into a lethal weapon that people carry along to tarnish others. The smart devices that have given us a never ending access to internet have enabled some to misuse the blessing that can otherwise make a beautiful impact on our world.

No one can deny that anyone who is famous is someone’s idol. Anyone who has achieved something inspires millions but there are some weak minds who feel big when they make others feel small. The easiest victims are celebrities, be it actors, artists, entrepreneurs or sports people, who have achieved a substantial level of success in life. Social-media trolling has become a norm and the favorite pastime for many.

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How would you feel if a stranger asked you inappropriate questions about the cloths that you wear or if a stranger just walked up to you and called you a slut or bitch for wearing what you are wearing or having the kind of friends you keep in company?

If you have the right to wear what you wear or go where you go or do what you do, why do those who are famous not have the same right?

Mahira Khan – the famous TV personality from Pakistan was recently trolled big time for smoking while wearing a backless dress. Was it smoking that she was trolled for, or the fact that she wore a revealing dress or the fact that she is a woman and belongs to Pakistan is the reason why she was trolled?

An emerging actress was trolled some time back for wearing a bikini during Ramzan. Would these flag bearers of narcissism have been okay of she wore a bikini at any other given day? Ramzan isn’t the reason why she was criticized? The fact that she wore a swimsuit was the reason why they decided to demean her. All of sudden, everyone becomes an expert on Indian culture, where a woman is being told about what a woman must or must not wear, what she must or must not do and how she must or must not look. Who are you really? And why are you barking is the question they should be asked.

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The latest victim of the same is Deepika Padukone. She is being trolled on social-media because she is in the arms of two young lads in a picture where they claim that she looks drunk. But what is the real problem, the fact that she is drunk or the fact that a woman is drunk is the issue?  Social-media trolling is the cost that these celebrities pay for the fame they acquire with their hard work and dedication towards their work.

A man can roam around in his undies, but a woman must always be covered under loads of clothes. Since when are the clothes are a signification of dignity? Smoking is okay for a man but not for a woman and why is that so?

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Cricketers are accused of being distracted when they take their girlfriends to the match venue and actors are accused of being shallow when they are seen endorsing something expensive. But a working class person is never trolled for sending a ‘love you’ message to his girlfriend or taking her to a work dinner. A common man can drive a luxury car with his partner but when celebrities are seen in luxury cars, they are hunted wherever they go to see who they go out with and what they do with who they are. And when they decline to be clicked while having ‘Me Time’, they are accused of being snooty and trolled for the same. What is this social-media trend of ‘bashing-the-famous’ all about?

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They are public figures and everything they do is in public eye incessantly and thus witch-hunt of the vulnerability of some is easier, but it is at the discretion of the reader to respond accordingly to such trivia. It is high time that we put our energies to something worthwhile and making a better use of the precious time that we have been given.

Peace is what one must aim for, love must be the motto and growth should be the vision.

Bhavika Batra

The girl next door, exploring life and always on an adventure. Care to share your experience? If yes, let's get together to resolve this enigma called LIFE!

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