poetry imageReleasing you from the cage of my memories; feels like it is me who is behind the blockades.

They keep me from breathing, from growing; they make me angry they make me irate.

Your love was to be my lifeline, supporting me to move forward,

Your arrogance became my fetters, my shackles; your pride always pulled me backward.

My love for you was like a flower; waiting to spread its hopeful scent,

Your ignorance was so full of reek that my flower succumbed under its ugly strength!


I stood there for a century I reckon, for you to turn around to look at me once,

You walked away with a star in your hand; you were at the altar the next moment.

I was appalled, dazed and hurt, you were not mine anymore,

You took her hand with a smile on your face, I was not found in your eyes ever again!


Years have passed now; I have not even seen your face,

Nothing has changed as if; your memories still evoke the same rage.

The fire that you lit and left never stopped burning my heart,

You are oblivious to the pain you caused me; you are unaware of my distraught.

To think of it and make a judgment, it isn’t you, who is in the wrong,

I have clinched my fist so tight to hold on to you; not accepting you are long gone!


You never loved me ever, nor did you promise so,

It was me who held our past captive; it was me who became stagnant.

Releasing you now forever, never will you ever be back,

I have found my oasis inside; for you, I have not kept any space.

Bhavika Batra

The girl next door, exploring life and always on an adventure. Care to share your experience? If yes, let's get together to resolve this enigma called LIFE!

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