Have You Found the Partner to Start ‘The Journey to Love’

A blog-post dedicated to love and to those who believe in love – ‘The Journey to Love’

The Journey to Love

What is love? Have you seen it, are you sure that it exists? No one has seen it but we have all felt it and we all are very proud of this one emotion that makes us more human.

Love is a blessing and we spend years and years seeking this blessing. Some find it, some don’t but the search never ends. Love makes one feel bigger, better and fuller. Love is the only thing that makes life worth living.

Do you remember reading Romeo and Juliet or the stories of lovers who died for love? Do you remember wishing dearly for a partner who’d love you unconditionally after reading those stories?

The Journey to Love

I remember reading a novel when I was younger. It was about a woman who crossed countries to see her lover one last time before dying and that made me feel so proud of the emotion called love. Love makes you do things you can’t even imagine doing otherwise. The story made me my heart melt and yearn to have a partner who’d love me unconditionally. But, with time and age, we stop believing in that invincible power of love. We stop hoping to meet the person who has been made for us.

The Journey to Love


It is so beautiful to have someone you love on the journey of life. The moments you share and the emotions you go through together make life all the more interesting and exciting. But in our search for eternal love we don’t see things that are right before our eyes. Our ego, righteousness, self-respect and sometimes just ignorance, keep us away from the only thing that matters and that is LOVE.

Wouldn’t it be nice to go after things we admire, to pursue that person we like or to just express what we feel for someone. Just imagine, you have feelings for someone and so does that person but you both never express your emotions and end up living your life wondering what if I had told her or wondering how life would have been if you had that person with you? Isn’t expressing better than repenting?


The Journey to Love

In the upcoming week that is wholly dedicated to love, I urge you to observe your life journey just once. How many times did you hurt the person you love, how many times you gave preference to your mundane office job over a family gathering, how many times you were curt to the one who looks after you just because you had a bad day at work, how many times you doubted your partner just because they went for a coffee with someone, how many times you shouted at your lover because they did not answer your text when you expected?

Love is not in confinement. Love is in faith and trust. Your love must give your other half the courage to do the impossible, to go after their dreams, it should give them the confidence that you are with them, no matter what.

Journey to Love

I am coming up with my first book that is dedicated to the most powerful emotion ever and that is Love. The protagonists of my stories set benchmarks and go beyond the possible to do the right thing for the ones they love. The book called ‘Journey to Love’ is a compilation of 8 short stories that revolve around the theme of love and show how we let ourselves live a miserable life only because we decline to surrender before this power. Love demands surrender and once you do it gives you a high that is unparalleled. Read my stories to reinvent the lover in you and to reform your precarious relationship that is dying a miserable death every day.

Journey to Love

Bhavika Batra

The girl next door, exploring life and always on an adventure. Care to share your experience? If yes, let's get together to resolve this enigma called LIFE!

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