Look That Will Leave Your Partner Drooling On Your Next Date Night!

Have you been thinking and thinking about your next date with that charming blue eyed hunk that leaves your heart racing at an inexplicable speed each time? The last couple of dates have been extraordinary and he could be the one that you have been looking for all along. Now is the time to leave him enchanted even more!

Tips to nail that next date look with something that represents the best of you!

Ruffled Fit & Flair Dress in Carmine Rose

2The real spike for any look is the dress that you choose. They say black is the colour of style but pink is the colour of glamour. As much as guys love the boldness of black, they drool over the glamour and chic that Pink can add. This little pink dress is not too short nor too long and enhances the right curves of your body. The collarbone is not visible meaning he won’t be getting any wrong signals. He must know that you are in it for something more substantial while keeping the spark very much alive in the nascent relationship. It is more about giving some and keeping some for the right reasons.

Next is choosing the right heels

FullSizeRenderMen find heels extremely sexy. Since the length of the dress we have selected is just right, adding the right heels will give it the added oomph. Best is to go for strappy heels so that they go with the frills that this dress flaunts with flamboyance. You cannot experiment much with the colour of the dress we have chosen. Going for nude shades or something in pink or Carmine Rose would be the best choice to couple this dress with. make sure you do not tie it too tightly, else you won’t be able to walk properly.

Your look  is incomplete without the Accessories

BraceletSince the dress has frills and the neck is almost covered, it wouldn’t be wise to overdo the look. A simple watch or a nice little bracelet and small earrings will be more than enough. Nothing is cooler than the little chunky imitation jewellery that you will find in your local market. Again choosing the right colour is the key when you are accessorising your look. and this particular type of bracelet is feminine, blingy and yet very delicate to compliment your slender build.

Now all you need to complete your look is a clutch!

FullSizeRenderKeep it simple yet stylish at the same time.One thing that people mostly go wrong with is the choice of handbag. If you dress is doing the talk then best is to keep everything else simple. Since we have chosen a stylish little pink dress and have paired it with modish heels, your clutch should be something voguish but not loud, else it won’t take it long to sabotage the whole look. Go for something very feminine, easy on eyes and sophisticated and that is what a clutch of this sort can do the magic for your look!!

Now you are ready to cast your spell on your special someone and have the most beautiful evening together where he is going to be completely besotted.

Bhavika Batra

The girl next door, exploring life and always on an adventure. Care to share your experience? If yes, let's get together to resolve this enigma called LIFE!

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