Lockdown- a medical emergency or a sinister conspiracy?


 2020 – a year of uncertainty and anxiety, a year when the world locked, unlocked, and again locked itself. So much has changed and everyone is trying to make peace with the new normal. Masks have become a part of life, hand sanitizer is an added item found in everyone’s bags, traveling is more like a nightmare where we need passes or a covid negative test to cross state borders, and social gatherings have become extinct. What makes matters worse is the fact that we meet everyone with apprehension. Handshakes and hugs are a thing of the past and going out without fearing for life is now a dream. The government has taken very bold steps to curb the fiend but without success. Given the scenario, what could we have done differently? The lockdown apparently wasn’t a success, then why lock down again?

India is unlocking itself while the world is locking down again

A pandemic was an unimaginable phenomenon and no one was ready for it; especially for how the world dealt with it.

I remember we were caged for more than two months during the lockdown, the roads were deserted, the parks were empty, the offices were ransacked by the spiders, and schools were turned into shelters for migrant workers.  While they were trying to safeguard us against covid, they didn’t even once think about how it would impact our health both mentally and physically. Even after the lockdown was lifted, there were strict conditions on going out. In fact, the fear was so grave that going to the market, even for essential buying, felt like going to war. The kids were so scared that they declined to go out for weeks. And, now the idea of going back to the normal we once knew seems almost impossible.

While India was busy playing the power game, the world was lifting the lockdown and trying hard to bring the known normal back. People in the west had started going back to work, to beaches, to clubs and restaurants and we in India were waiting for permission to go out for a walk in the neighborhood.

But neither was West’s laidback attitude effective nor India’s obsession with power worked. We have had the most arduous lockdown and yet we have the highest number of infections. Millions of us have lost our jobs, our loved ones, and the life that we cherished. But we haven’t yet found a solution that would put this villain in its coffin and yet India is now unlocking itself while the world is again locking its people.

Who dealt with the pandemic better? The West that didn’t go under a strict lockdown, unlocked almost instantly and now again locking itself or India that is still scratching its head looking for a congruous way out?

Was the West too mild or India too obsessed?


The west is declaring a state of emergency and a second lockdown. England has announced a 3 tier lockdown, Madrid is in an emergency state, France has announced nightly curfews and the rest of the world is locking down again and India is opening its theatres and gyms to welcome more cases, how smart?

We have now resumed work, the traffic is as bad on the roads as it always was and people have also started leisure travel and gatherings but, hang on, did we find a vaccine or medicine against coronavirus? No? Then what was the point of this lockdown if we were going to be allowed to go out and face the virus anyway? Why was life put on hold and why millions of people were left abandoned to fetch for themselves when no one was allowed to be even seen on the roads?

While major western countries are getting a few thousands of cases every day, India unabashedly boasts of above 60 thousand cases on daily basis. Considering the scenario, who made a better decision? Those who did not impose a strict lockdown and let life take its course or those who made it almost impossible for the common man to survive?

Is there really a conspiracy shaping under our nose?


To add to the insult is the talk about the conspiracy theory. The existence of a virus cannot be disregarded but is it really as dangerous as it is posed to be? Is it really possible that we, in 2020, have failed to find a medicine that would provide a cure against a virus? Is our medical system really so incapable that it has failed to fully understand this virus in the last 7-8 months? If yes, then why are we still paying taxes? Can they still be trusted when they stop us from meeting our loved ones, or when they keep us from going out, or when they stop us from relishing little moments of life?

What are they doing while keeping us confined to our homes? Is there something sinister happening that the common man doesn’t know about? I hope not.

Who is going to be the biggest loser?

Amid all this talk about the virus being a hoax, the common man is struggling for equipoise. Covid is real, there is no doubt about it but something very crucial about its existence is not yet out in the open. Yes, we need to be cautious. Yes, we need to maintain a safe distance and yes, it is life-threatening but the conjecture that the world powers are conspiring for something more scandalous cannot be ruled out. While it is not our prerogative to decide what the guidelines would be, we can at least decide for ourselves. The idea is to not hound ourselves thinking about what could or would happen. The key is to follow whatever precautions they are suggesting but also make your own judgment about how you can protect yourself while not harming your wellbeing.

Bhavika Batra

The girl next door, exploring life and always on an adventure. Care to share your experience? If yes, let's get together to resolve this enigma called LIFE!

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