Living in a Self-Appointed Moral Police Society in 2017!


slut shaming picHave you had those weird stares while you were walking on the street wearing a tube top? Have you heard your neighbor telling your mother how she should control you? Have you heard your father telling your brother that he shouldn’t be out late because ‘Sharma ji’ living next door keeps close tabs on everything you do?


These questions are not even half as daunting as some other that you must have been asked. Like did I just see you getting out of a boy’s house? Do you not have any shame? Why would you even go in there ‘zyada jawani chadi hai’?


Wear a dress that is a bit shorter than your other clothes and see how women living in your society will be having secret meetings to decide your character and label you with something downright demeaning but just right in their eyes.


Such is the society we live in where we are surrounded by people who have assigned themselves the policing task to maintain the moral in the society.


slut-shamingOur daughters must not go out in the night; they shouldn’t at all consume alcohol as it is consumed by the women of loose character. Our sons shouldn’t go to night clubs as people go there to have drugs or to indulge into activities that are scandalous. The women of the family shouldn’t be seen talking to any man other than their husbands. Our daughters must study so that we can find a suitable groom for them. Our daughters shouldn’t go out and work as women belonging to lower class only work because they do not have any other option.


Haw, did you see Mrs. Malik’s daughter, she was wearing a bikini at the beach. Did you see that actress; she was seen holding hands with the man she is dating? Did you see that social activist, she was seen smoking the other night, and how can she? Such people should not be allowed to live in our society as they are corrupting the nascent mind of our children.


characterBody shaming, slut shaming, and character assassination are some of the favorite hobbies of the moral police we have in our society. While holding college degrees, these people sit at home, watching soap operas where women indulge in kitchen politics and that’s all they learn or understand, anything other than that is beyond comprehension even for the most educated individuals in most homes.


But, when did we become such a sadist society? Who are these people who have taken over our families and assumed responsibility for our well-being, telling us how we should or should not behave? What makes them think that we are not intelligent enough to decide what’s right or wrong for us?


hgghWe are a society where child marriages are a phenomenon. We are a society where women have no rights. We are a society where double standards are a norm and we are a society where people with less privilege are not seen as humans. But that is something that doesn’t attract anyone’s attention. The moral police have nothing to say in those matters but have a lot of wisdom to share when it comes to controlling what people wear, say or do.


Shame that while the world has moved into the next generation culture, we are still confined with regressive mentality and beliefs that pull us down and make us look ugly, backward and shoddy.

Bhavika Batra

The girl next door, exploring life and always on an adventure. Care to share your experience? If yes, let's get together to resolve this enigma called LIFE!

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