Kangana Ranout Involves in another ugly brawl, this time with a journalist!

Kangana Ranaut

Either trouble follows her or she feels left out when it doesn’t, so, she follows trouble. Nevertheless, trouble is found wherever this girl is, WHY?

Meet the not so new damsel in distress, also known as the controversy queen of Bollywood – Kangana Ranaut – all her problems start when a movie of hers is up for a release.

She doesn’t really need an introduction anymore. She is one of Bollywood’s highest-paid actors, recipient of multiple prestigious awards, a fine actor, a beautiful lady and a tongue in cheek individual.

So, where does she come from? The lady comes from this beautiful place called Himachal, known for its natural beauty found not just in its valleys but in its people too. The list of her credentials is so long that you will miss a thing or two when counting. She actively takes up challenging roles and performs them with such ease that it shocks. She is sharp, she is cheeky and she is sassy, but, it seems like she is seeking something, something that is really dear to her. But, in her quest, what she ends up collecting is an added controversy to her already vernacular list.

Why is this woman always in news for all the wrong reasons?

Hrithik Roshan was dating her but now he is denying (huh?). Aditya Pancholi took advantage of her when she was young (let’s not go there). Mahesh Bhatt threw CHAPPAL at her (phewwww). Adhyayan Suman – well who Adhyayan Suman (oops). Apurva Asrani (screenwriter of a movie called Simran) didn’t match her expectations (really?).

And, when all this doesn’t get the coveted limelight then people like Tapsee Pannu and Varun Dhawan and many more are dragged into her senseless tirades for god knows what reasons.

Kangana RanautBut, she is not just an actor, she is also a social activist. Her fight is against anything that runs in harmony. While she is an actor, a supposed dialogue writer and what not, she is also the ambassador for equal rights (in her mind) and her fight starts and ends with nepotism.  She has major issues with Karan Johar (the world is aware of their spat). Karan Johar keeps launching start kids, and Rangoli (Kangana’s Sister) is an offspring of talent? The fact is that Rangoli’s only claim to fame is the fact that she is Kangana Ranout’s sister.

The latest to add to her very tiring list quarrels is her fight with a journalist. To the uninitiated, she at a promotional event of her upcoming movie indulged in a completely redundant argument with a journalist who asked her questions about her latest release.

Apparently, her highness was upset with the journalist as he allegedly published not so positive comments against her last release Manikarnika. Her grievance was that this person had lunch with her, spent three hours discussing her movie and also sent her a message saying something significant about that movie and then his article was against her last flick.

My question is, so what? He is a journalist. His job is to get a scoop, to write stuff that sells. Although it would have been ideal if people did what they said and wrote only the truth but we are not living in the ideal world. He spent time with a superstar discussing a movie and wrote stuff that he wanted to sell or maybe what he wrote was what he genuinely felt. Isn’t one allowed to dislike a movie? Sholay, a movie that is now considered an epic in the Indian cinema was a failure at the box office at the time of its release and today we see it as a cult film.

She has no issues when people write good things about her work but as soon as they start expressing their true opinion about something, she starts playing the victim card. She has been betrayed by the people she trusted, her fraternity doesn’t stand by her, people are two-faced and have double standards and Bollywood nurtures nepotism. haven’t we all experience all of the above mentioned?

Kangana RanautI am sure there isn’t a soul on this earth who hasn’t been betrayed by the people it loved. In the professional world, there will always be a time when you will feel left out or singled out. People are inherently self-centred and they do what pleases them. People don’t love or support people for people but for themselves. And NEPOTISM – her greatest concern is being promoted in her own house. Rangoli has been her manager, she still is her (bad) publicity manager on social media for sure and she is also that voice that Kangana doesn’t raise herself.

It is great for a woman to know who she is and what she wants. It is greater when a woman achieves everything she aspires but at what cost? Feminism is not really a weapon that many like Kangana use. Feminism is a fight that women have fought for decades to give people like Kangana a dais to stand on and share their twisted views.

How does she expect anyone to support her senseless quarrels? Even people like Sona Mahapatra who is known for her bold opinions couldn’t resist criticising Kangana’s latest move. Now, if this woman really has these issues for real then perhaps she should get medical help. And, if all this is to gain publicity for her movies (which seems like the case to me) then it really is getting tiring to see this woman screaming injustice at every instance.

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