Hyderabad Encounter Illustrates What New India is Seeking!

Hyderabad Police

Singham comes from the reel to the real. The slumbering arm of the nation responsible for maintaining law and order in the society woke-up last night when Hyderabad police killed the four accused in Dr. Priyanka Ready’s case in an encounter. They set an example which we would love to see resonated wherever a woman’s modesty is encroached, wherever a girl is seen or touched inappropriately, wherever a family loses their daughter because some seemingly humans decided to act like animals.

What a magnificent turn of events. On 06th Dec 2019 the Friday, India woke up to a piece of news that brought a peculiar kind of peace to everyone’s hearts.

The four accused of Dr. Priyanka Reddy’s rape and brutal murder got killed in a police encounter.

As the story goes, the police took all the four accused in this case to the site of the crime for a re-enactment of that fateful night. They were taken to the site at around 3 a.m. on Friday, where allegedly one of them tried to snatch police weapons and indicated the other three to flee. The police took a prompt and well-evaluated action and all four of them got shot down.

The police are saying that they killed the accused in self-defence. There are no alibis to what happened, no-one other than those police personnel involved in the encounter know what really happened. Was it pre-planned or it actually happened the way they have disclosed the events of the encounter?

Well, it doesn’t sound like an incident that happened because some criminals attempted a run from the police custody. The fact that they were taken to a spot of crime in the middle of the night smells fishy and all four accused got killed by the police in self-defence sounds not just suspicious but also funny.

But, India is smiling. The nation is rejoicing. Things like #Encounter #Hyderabadpolice and #JusticeforDisha are trending on social media networks. The nation is lauding the actions taken by the Hyderabad police, some are saying that the police from other states should learn from this case, the neighbours of the victim are distributing sweets and the parents of the victim are finally at peace believing that justice has been served.

Now, chances are likely that the action taken by the Hyderabad police will have some repercussions, there might be protests or even some severe actions taken against the people involved in the encounter and yet, the majority of people believe that what’s happened is the best form of justice.

The parents of rape victims across India have their hopes revived that their daughters might get justice one day and the common man has the reason to not despise the people in the system, even if it is for just one day. The fact that there are still some people in the system who have some humanity intact in their heart is so refreshing and that’s exactly the reason why the Hyderabad police involved in the said encounter was showered with flowers.

Now, opinions are bound to crop up. There are politicians who would use this story for their personal gains. Some would support this action and some would oppose. There are some lawyers who are protesting already saying this is not how justice is served. They wouldn’t have had this opinion if something of the same sort had happened to someone in their family.

The fact is that these are the incidents that unite the entire nation when people rise above their personal agenda to stand for what is right. Of course, there will always be people who would find it hard to look beyond their greed, some would see it as an opportunity to plant their insipid seeds of hatred or incongruity.

But, one thing is clear that the country is ready for a change, for an upliftment. We are ready to go wrong to do the right thing. The people in the system have started to understand that their impotency and greed has surrendered this country into the hands of criminals and traitors.

The common man is finally learning to stand against wrong. Needless to say that it will still take decades to educate a nation of more than a billion or to help them see how they are corrupting not just the present but the future generation too but a change has started to shape up. Men are realising their strength isn’t to just suppress the other gender, women are realising that they are only as weak or as strong as they believe they are, parents are realising that having a boy child doesn’t take their family name forward and the society has found a voice that is demanding to be heard.

It will certainly take a long time for India to cleanse, to reinstate the respect it once enjoyed but incidents like these positively rehabilitate our trust in humanity, in unity and in justice.

Bhavika Batra

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