Abhinandan – The Hero That Made India Proud!

Hero Abhinandan Varthaman

Wing Commander Abhinandan Vathaman – One Indian united the entire nation and compelled the world power to laud his courage and lay the right pressure on Pakistan to do what’s right. His dignity, poise and valour while trapped in the claws of the most horrendous situation possible, astounded the world and melted the most insensitive hearts. They simply had to bow before the hero that made India proud. Our hero Abhnandan Varthaman made India proud.

Such was the power of the simplicity and the resolve of just one man of this country that not just Indians but the world was praying for his safe return to India. The world had their eyes one piece of news and that was Abhinandan Varthaman’s return from Pakistan’s captivity. It is one historic incident that the global media covered with keen interest and attention.

Pakistan – is one name that evokes pain, frustration and mostly rage in the hearts and minds of Indians. For the last 71 years, we have been tolerating its atrocities in the name of religion, region and patriotism but a country that cannot respect a soldier is a country that will never fight a battle for the sake of patriotism. Obviously, the nation has its interest vested in the region called Kashmir – an issue that has been burning not just Kashmir but the whole of India for the last 7 decades.

Our closest neighbour slash enemy is one entity that we wish never existed. Who would believe we were once one?

Gone are the days when our grandmothers mentioned their homes in Karachi or our grandfathers talked about their friends from Peshawar. The only stories that are marked in our memory are of the deceit and the unnecessary hatred that we have been receiving from Pakistan since partition.

Abhinandan Varthaman

If I am to believe a conversation I had with one of my Kashmiri friends, sipping coffee sitting in the lounge of our rented apartment in Luton, England, they hate India and Pakistan equally. They are a community that has been victimised in the name of patriotism and rights the most. Their kids and families are shot and bombed every day, sometimes due to the attacks from Pakistan’s side and sometimes due to the countermeasures that India takes against terrorism. They feel like an outcast in their own country and partially they too are responsible for how they feel in a nation that sees them and treats them as its own. They have their reason to distrust both sides but how justified their reasons are is something that we may never find out.

The bottom line is that the Kashmir issue isn’t going anywhere and it will always be the fundamental point of contention between the two countries. In the middle of all this are the citizens of the two countries. Sandwiched between the mean intentions and the personal agendas of the politicians, militants and the sensation frenzy media, it is the common man who gets harassed and robbed of a peaceful life.

The entire drama that unfolded after Abhinandan’s unfortunate landing in Pakistan, has made a mockery of human emotions and beliefs. While Pakistan kept breaking the boundaries of decency by showing a brave soldier’s video who was in captivity, our very own media kept circulating valid and invalid news about his captivity in their so-called news bulletins.

Our Hero Abhinandan Varthaman

I personally do not understand politics, I don’t know where Kashmir belongs, I don’t care whether the world sees Pakistan as strong or weak/right or wrong but, being the common man, all I know is that our media must get all the credit for escalating tension between the two countries.

The media people are worse than politicians. They don’t consider how showing a captive soldier’s videos who he is bleeding and is handcuffed would impact his family. How it would impact the morale of his fellow soldiers or how it would make each Indian feel or how it would give a boost to those miscreants sitting in Pakistan. Pakistan doesn’t need to send their criminals in India when they have Indian media doing their dirty job. All that our media cares about is the shallow race of TRP. Disgusting, really disgusting.

Above all is the solidarity that Indians have for their country. Above all is the love that we have for each other. When the news about our Wing Commander, our hero Abhinandan being captured, came to the fore, there was fear in the hearts of each Indian, each mother wanted this son to come back, each sister wanted this brother to be safe, each father worried for this son, each brother was ready to fight for this hero and each friend was ready to go to the border to fight for this Hero who made India proud.

Abhinandan Varthaman

All that unfolded in the 60 hours of his captivity was scary, startling, and surreal. It was overwhelming. People sitting in their homes, shops, schools, colleges and offices had their eyes on the news, their fingers were tapping the keypad of their phones to explore any news that would give a sigh of relief. Thousand gathered at the Attari-Wagah Border to welcome the hero who was coming home after spending 60 heart-wrenching hours on the enemy land. The country was celebrating his return, people didn’t eat the entire day thinking they will once he was home, some celebrated Diwali and some Holi, and the occasion was the return of our son back to where he belongs.

Such is the power that one India holds, the power to unite the entire nation, despite media circulating news that made us anxious, frightened, awry, hopeful and hurt at times, we kept the faith in our hearts and he came home.

India salutes our hero Abhinandan Varthaman – the pride of India.

Salute to Abhinandan Varthaman

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