#BalanceforBetter – Happy International Women’s Day!

International Women's Day

Happy International Women’s Day to all. What a great time to celebrate something as beautiful as womanhood.

A day dedicated to women is something that would have sounded like a dream only a couple of decades ago but times are changing. Living in the age of Gen X and Gen Z, it is the best time to do what you like and be who you want to be.

Women have had a long and exhausting journey where they had to fight for everything that should have been their birthright but their poise, their perseverance, their tolerance, their strive, their panache and their grace compelled our cruel society to bow and bestow them what truly belonged to them.

If you’d ask a woman, there are still milestones she would want to cross, there are still aspirations that she must be chasing and there are still some benchmarks to be set. But, we know what we have achieved in the last 100 odd years is nothing less of a miracle.

Women’s Day

Some would say that we are trying to imitate & emulate what men have achieved. But, indeed, we are not. Why repeat a story when you can write something fresh and refreshing? We know our strengths and we know our limits and we also know when to stretch those limits.

The world has entered a phase where women have achieved a lot but still, there is an imbalance in the society.  This year, on the International Women’s Day, our strive is to find that balance that would make this world a fairer place for all genders. The theme for this year’s Women’ Day is #BalanceforBetter.

It could be a balance of wages, a balance of employment, a balance is a marriage, a balance of opinion or a balance of anything. Each struggle, each fight and each aspiration is valuable and that’s exactly what is being celebrated this year. While women have always been vocal about their predicaments and grapple with society, how do men see women in 2019 is something to be explored? Let’s find out.

In this blog, we have taken some real-time opinion from men, to explore how they view female gender.

Jay Bettle, Milton Keynes, England

I don’t understand why women want to be equal to men? Women are far superior to men in almost every way!

Let’s not get caught up in the politics, Let’s look at this logically. Women have the ability to recreate!  This is one of nature’s miracles. They have the maternal instinct, a maternal bond with their newborn baby, which is nothing short of perfection. I believe this is being overlooked and attacked 

I think we are missing something here. The goal shouldn’t be to be ‘equal’, it should be to flourish at what each individual has to offer to society, to their family, to the workplace. We need to be free of the propaganda and stand up for who we are as individuals. I understand there have been incredible and disturbing cases of gender equality (from both sides in my option), but one thing we can’t deny is we are always evolving, moving forward and growing as a species. I think we need to take personal responsibility for our own lives, we need to understand why we are here and how we can add to our natural path of evolution. 

Kunal Patel, Milton Keynes, England

Happy Women’s DayI believe it is a mixed baggage. They have been oppressed no doubt but they soon showed the world what they are capable of. Be it their independence or their voice being heard, when was it ok for a panel of men only to make a decision regarding a woman’s life? The case is still the same, women are capable enough to make their own decisions. As far as the balance in wages or other aspects is concerned, equal pay should be compulsory if a man and woman are doing the same job. I don’t think they need any propaganda to prove they are equal, what we need is education, for all to understand that men and women together are the pillars of this society that we have built for ourselves and we make an equal contribution towards our progress.


Keshav Bhandari, Chandigarh, India

International Women’s DayWomen are more than equal to men when it comes to natural talent and overall skills. But the world has not been fair to them and has been oppressing them from the beginning. Providing them with equal opportunities will only enhance the competition amongst equals.

Gender balance doesn’t just mean giving women equal opportunity in theory but practically too.  The diversity of equality will lead to a society where performance wins over prejudice and misconceptions.  It’s time to galvanize actions for #BalanceForBetter and make this world a balanced world for all.

Anand Arora, Lisbon, Portugal

Women’s DayFirst of all, Happy Women’s Day to all. Why not celebrate the day that is dedicated to people who bring beauty to our lives. Some say they believe in equality but how can men be equal to women, they do so much that men can’t even imagine. From being the support that motivates us to be our best, to being the voice of wise in our head. They stand like a pillar for any family. And mind you, we do the same for them 😉

In my view, they do not need the equality agenda, they are equal and much more. What with this year’s theme #BlanaceforBetter we can do though is to not treat them any differently, neither softly nor harshly and treat them as just another human being who does everything and anything that anybody can possibly do.

Amit Pal Singh, Jammu & Kashmir, India

International Women’s DayI personally do not see them as any less than men. Talk about any professional field and women are giving a tough competition to anyone. Yes, they have had a tough fight and they have been treated badly for centuries but we have now reached a phase where we must focus on how we can achieve more together instead of wasting time on trying to prove that women are equal, I mean why try to prove the obvious? As far as #BalanceforBetter is concerned, for me it means women strike the perfect balance between their personal and professional lives and it’s time for men to do their best in helping them maintain this balance and set new examples.

What Do We Make Out of What These Gentlemen Expressed?

I understand, five individuals cannot be taken for a fair representation of the entire generation of men at all but 5 young individuals sitting in diverse corners of this planet expressing similar opinion gives an implicit picture of the world we want to see. We want a fair world where everyone is treated for who they are, where gender doesn’t make or break opinions, where masculinity or feminity isn’t the scale to measure potential and where physical power isn’t a reflection of strength.

A very Happy Women’s Day to all!

Bhavika Batra

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