Getting Exploited at Work? Who’s Fault is it Really?

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The corporate world is infamous for being callous, cut-throat and cruel. We are all very competitive when it comes to having things that we desire and people do not blink an eye before crossing any limits when it comes to work. People can kill to step up the ladder of success. They plot, they conspire and they connive; they stoop to a level that can leave anyone red-faced.


But this corporate world is made of two types of people. Those who fall in type A are the ones who conspire, who exploit, who are in the position of power and thus, are able to command you; and then are the people who fall in Type B – the ones who take orders, who complete the job and the ones who get exploited.


But let’s reverse the game and look at the scenario from a different perspective. Who is in the fault when you get exploited? The one who was smart enough to rule you? Or you who was docile, weak and spineless to stand for himself?


I have been observing people for quite some time now. Assign people a job that doesn’t fall in their KRA, give them a deadline and see what happens. Well, the chances are as bright as 99% of you getting the job done on time. The person at the receiving end will neither ask you a question nor will he have an aversion to the work that is coming his way which isn’t really his responsibility. Ask them why they accepted a job that wasn’t really their responsibility? Pat comes the reply this is how things happen here.


Try and tell them that things happen because you let it happen. If you’d say no to do something that isn’t really your responsibility you will not be asked to do it the next time and that is when you get to see the real problem. The problem is not with the perpetrator but the prey himself. They then say ‘Madam, this is India, this is not your England, and you have to work your ass off here to continue in the job. So an illusion they have is that people abroad do not work; only these victims of a weak mentality are the hard-working herd that does all the job.

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It is their annoying notions about work life that leave me disgusted time and again. What is the connection of you doing something with where you are? Are you a human being or a chameleon that changes colour according to the environment? Ask anyone why you stay late in the office and they do not have any solid answer. However, I do know the answer. It is fear that makes them work like a slave to their office bosses.


So what if you lose this job? You have skills and experience and someone who values what you have will certainly be happy to employ you but before anyone else judges them, people judge themselves. They neither have faith in their skills nor have they proud in the experience they hold. The only thing they have is fear, loads and loads of fear.


If I lose this job, I will not be able to feed my family. I might not find a better opportunity; I might have to move to another city, I might not get a good environment, so on and so forth. They have so many MIGHTS in the mind but not a slightest of FAITH in their heart. They are a victim of a culture that they nurture themselves. Yes Sir, Yes Madam culture has never taken anyone anywhere but somehow they are happy to be where they are and not move a bit.

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When you try to tell them to change or to attempt to make a change, they start seeing you as their enemy. You then become a person who is snooty, snobbish and brash. Madam, we don’t have the kind of money you have. We have to think about our future. They are basically so affectionate towards a future that is going to remain as dark as it is currently all due to the attitude they have towards their work. What is it that they are going to leave for their followers?


An environment where you neither get the acknowledgment for the work you do nor do you get the appreciation for the hard work you put in; is an environment that will never help you reach anywhere on your work journey.

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It is time that the youth starts acting. It is time that you understand your rights and stand against wrong. It is disheartening to see that even the new generation comes fully trained in taking orders and not knowing how to say no. Why is saying NO so difficult? Why do you have to put in hours for which you do not get paid? Why do you have to go an extra mile when you do not get even acknowledged for it? Why can you not go home to your family, afterall, they have the right to have your time too?  And if you really are such a workaholic then why doesn’t your designation resonate the hard-work you put it?


It is time that we start teaching our kids that they have to stand for the right. We have to educate them to know the distinction between right and the wrong. We have to teach our kids to have enough confidence to do everything with flamboyance, to own their mistakes and to ask for what they deserve.

Bhavika Batra

The girl next door, exploring life and always on an adventure. Care to share your experience? If yes, let's get together to resolve this enigma called LIFE!

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