A Complete Shopping Experience in an Unexpected Place

Have you ever ended up being in your local market when you were just strolling out due to boredom?

I ended up being in my local market recently. This is one place where I have spent my entire childhood, strolling its narrow avenues to enjoy street food, to shop for all the little and big things and to just have some good time with friends.  I used to buy everything from there, be it clothes, shoes, bags or accessories but with time that market stopped holding the same relevance as the concept of malls and supermarkets was emerging and there was a lot of buzz and intrigue created by these big giants.

I still went to that local place but only to have a bite of street food; never did I buy anything from there after a point of time. In fact, if anyone ever said that they had bought something from there, I’d give them a frown and question their choice. Indeed, I dismissed anything that was bought from that tiny little market which at one point was my only shopping destination.

I was in my native city recently and decided to go to that same market. To my surprise, I still remembered some of the shops I was regular at, ages ago. I looked at the stuff that was hanging in those tiny little shops sans fitting rooms. I was amused because the stuff was good which I obviously did not expect. Although, there were no big brand tags on those clothes or the celebrities were not endorsing those designs yet they were appealing and the quality of the fabric was good. There were no fancy flooring on those shops neither did they have air conditioners but they had complete conviction in the stuff they were selling and the enthusiasm with which they elaborated on the quality of the stuff was astounding.

I was flabbergasted when one of the shopkeepers came from nowhere and said ‘you still like simple yet elegant, nothing flashy or ostentatious would do for you, right? I had gone to that market after a gap of seven years and still, that shopkeeper remembered me. Not just that, he even offered me a clean glass of water. It was so touching being offered a glass of water in a place where these shopkeepers spend most of their day under a fan that hardly does anything to keep you from feeling roasted in the scorching heat.

Have you ever been offered anything while you shop at these big brands? Or has anyone walked over to you asking if he could assist you with choosing an article that you might like?

I realized one thing that day that I could shop in the most lavish nooks of the world but the service that these big hearted people stuck in small places can offer is immaculate and unmatched. Not that I would stop shopping at big places now but I will not dismiss anything that comes from a supposedly smaller place.

Oh, did I mention that I bought about three shirts and a skirt from that one person who remembered having served me years ago? He deals with about a 100 people on daily basis and yet he remembered that I have a penchant for simple yet aesthetic clothes and that was the real deal breaker for me.

Bhavika Batra

The girl next door, exploring life and always on an adventure. Care to share your experience? If yes, let's get together to resolve this enigma called LIFE!

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