Feminism – A Matter of Convenience or A Responsibility To Do What’s Right?

Equality and Rights

Equality – one of the most frivolously used words is at the heart of all the discussions, arguments or surveys that take place every now and then. Ask anyone to describe the word equality and you will get a different description every time.

Considering the scenario, what is equality? According to the constitution, we all have equal rights. From that perspective, equality means having the equal opportunities in every sphere of life, but, are the opportunities equal?

It is clear that equality is a vast term that is open to interpretation and can be subjective, however, the fundamentals cannot differ. Equality means equal right to education, to jobs, to entertainment, to choosing a life partner, to deciding on having kids, to deciding where you want to live and so on and so forth. But somehow, women have constructed their own definition of equality.

Equality and Rights

For many, equality is about smoking, drinking, partying, wearing whatever they want, going wherever they want and doing whatever it is that they want to do. True, all that is a part of equality but that doesn’t really stand for the same. You have the rights to smoke, drink, having sex, using foul language and partying till wee hours. But, isn’t such behaviour confined to men in our country? So, is equality about doing what men do? From that perspective, there are many other things that men do and women must start doing that too, such as earning for the family, getting the car fixed, finding the contractor to build your house and much more but no, women only imbibe what comforts them.

Talk about going and finalizing a wedding hall for an upcoming wedding or finding the caterer or any other outdoor activity and a woman would say that it is the man’s job. But, talk about hosting a kitty party and the same woman would take the charge happily. Feminism or equality is not about just looking beautiful or doing things that flatter you, it is also about sharing equal responsibilities while enjoying equal rights.

Equality and Rights

Feminism is a term that was invented to bring a positive reform in the condition of women all over the world but somehow the so called liberalized strata of society interpreted the word according to their convenience.

Feminism or equality is not in doing things that men do. It is about knowing the distinction between the right and the wrong and having the vigour to stand for what is right. It is about having the astute to make decisions and then doing whatever it takes to make those decisions right.

There is no denying to the fact that women have been oppressed for centuries and that their condition is still not what it ideally should be. The issues concerning women require special attention and some quick actions to fix their dilapidated condition but nothing gives women the right to manipulate anyone on the name of feminism or equality.

Equality and Rights

The buffoonery that we are making in the name of feminism, equality and liberty is appalling. An actress asks, why do mothers tell girls about periods, why can a father not explain the same. Well, a father can but what’s the point? Would you be asking your parents to share their bedroom secrets with you or would you be discussing orgasm or masturbation with your father or mother? No, you would not and it isn’t because there is anything wrong about having an orgasm or having sex but there are certain things we don’t discuss in public. There is a thing called ‘personal & private’.

There is nothing wrong if your father talks about your periods with you, it all depends on how open you are with your parents and how free minded is your family. But that doesn’t mean that every woman is comfortable discussing her periods or sex life with her parents. The call is subjective. If you are comfortable, you can discuss anything even with a stranger and if you are not, you cannot open up even in front of your own parents. Don’t raise stupid issues in the name of equality, feminism or freedom. And if you do, be prepared to be criticised or applauded for your stupidity or courage. Whether you are seen as brave or stupid that depends on the one who views you and the way they think.

Equality and Rights

Issues like breastfeeding in public, or discussing intimate issues with your parents can have different meaning and implications for different people, but, just as it is a little bemusing to see someone having sex in public, it is a little awkward for men to describe things such as mensuration to their daughters. But, those who are comfortable can do so but why do you need to to shout from the roof top about the same. Do whatever makes you happy but that doesn’t make it right. Having power to do anything you like doesn’t make you right; having the capability to stand for what requires attention is what makes you right.

We live in a democratic society and that is why have the stupid wisdom to raise irrelevant issues, whereas, the focus should rather be on issues such as child marriage, prostitution, forced labour, child abduction, lack of education, crimes, etc. This blog post is a request to women to better distinguish the right from wrong and to stand for something that justifies the respect that they are bestowed with.

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