Fear is What These Terrorist Relish, Courage is What We Will Give Them!



Another attack, another massacre, another run-down with terror and fatalities to follow. Spain was wide awake, trembling in fear when you were busy finishing house chores.  We live in a world where we cannot feel the pain unless it hits us.

Terrorism is changing dimensions. They do not ram aircrafts into buildings anymore. Neither do the terrorist come through water ways to attack five-star properties nor do they take innocent lives hostage in Banks or hotel to send across a despicable message.

They kill one of their own to kill us. They brainwash those with sensitive minds and manipulate their weakness. They tell them stories that are not true and they show them the paradise in heaven that doesn’t exist, to encourage them to kill people they do not even know.

But why does it happen? Does it happen because a handful of people are weak in their stride which enables some to take advantage of that? Or it happens because the system has loopholes because the system lets it happen?

Either way, the ones who pay the cost for this negligence and weakness are the ones who have nothing to do with this dirty propaganda of a sick ideology.

There maybe is not a solution to what is happening in our world. We could stop going to public places, music gigs, night clubs, hotels, banks, office, school, weekend parties; we could stop attending any social gatherings where we socialize with the people of our community, but this is not possible. We are humans, we are social beings. Our society has norms and one has to work to have the food on the table.

What we could do instead, is to keep living our life the way we do. Worrying is not an option, but standing for what’s right and what’s yours is. Give these wretched representatives of disgruntled ideology a big punch in the face. Going on about your day as usual, is the answer that these insidious scoundrels must get in times when we mourn and miss the innocents who left us for heaven.

Bhavika Batra

The girl next door, exploring life and always on an adventure. Care to share your experience? If yes, let's get together to resolve this enigma called LIFE!

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