5 Fantastic Valentine’s Day Escape Plans for Singles!

Valentine's Day

The Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and as they say, love is in the air!

The entire week prior to the big day is occupied by chocolate day, rose day, teddy day, this day or that day. But, the D-Day is always a dread for those perpetually singles looking for an escape on the Valentine’s Day.

So, that ultimate hunk (unfortunately single) who always suggests great ideas when it comes to buying presents for your girl and that cute diva (hopelessly romantic and yet single) who always helps you choose the right dress to woo your guy, are secretly wishing for your love babble to evaporate in the air like a bubble.

If you too are one of those forever single hunks and divas then this blog can certainly give you escape plans that would make your day a little less miserable.

How About a Good Read

Happy Valentine's Day

Sounds like a bad idea? Well, it can offer the best escape possible to those who like a good read. Get a good collection of Mills & Boons novels that are quick reads and always the most romantic get away from our not so nostalgia evoking lives. The best next thing to love is the idea love and that’s what a good read can always offer.

Go ShoppingValentine's Day Shopping

This would seem like the best refuge to girls. Nothing beats shopping. If you are unfortunately single this on Valentine’s day, go splurge and treat yourself with a good shopping session. Buy yourself that little black  number or that cute clutch that you have been wanting to have for so long.

Book Yourself a Spa Day

Valentine's Day Plans

What can be better than a day where you pamper yourself. No one can love you more than you can. Show that much-needed love to your body, let it relax, listen to some soothing music and enjoy a good spa day at some decent venue. Let your body feel the love of sweet pampering and tender care.

Arrange a House Party

Valentine's Day Party

This might sound mad but just do it. Call all your friends and have a blast. Believe me, even couples like having a different date idea from time to time. Moreover, those of your friends who can’t afford all those over expensive tables in the tiniest corners of lavish restaurants will have a place to crash and have a great time. You will not be alone and neither will you have to ponder upon the single life that does bother you immensely at times.

Look Straight into the Eyes of the Demon

Valentine's Day Party

Wondering what it means? People almost always have the penchant for staying away from situations that make them uncomfortable. But, call your group of friends and see who is available, plan an evening out and just hit it. Sometimes, not sulking and actually having fun can also be an option.

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