Is our education really educating us?

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Welcome to 2018. You have already heard a lot about the new technology, new inventions and new inceptions that are going to debut your life to revolutionize the way you live. Have you been introduced to the social changes that will be brought to reinvent the life we have?

I reckon the answer to my question is no and there is a strong reason for that. You have not had an introduction to any social changes because there will be none. You must be thinking, who needs a change anyway. Well, we all do. Our nation needs a change. We are beyond alarms and wake-up calls and if we still do not wake up to the world we have build around us, we will soon be tumbling down centuries and reaching the stage we began from.




You must be thinking, I do everything I can. My kids go to the best schools, I work full time to give a good life to my family, I pay taxes, I have a good social life and I socialize with likeminded people who are forward thinking and aware. And yet, we hear about heinous crimes every day. Where exactly are we going wrong?

Little kids are being slaughtered in the schools, women being raped in bright day light, students are being forced to strip in front of fellow students for making small mistakes, you are scared of leaving your child alone with someone you know closely because you never know if is a pedophile or not, you cannot go for a social gathering leaving your daughter home because you do not find it safe to leave your daughter alone in your own house and then in case something happens, you never know you might get accused of killing her.

If our younger generation and women are so unsafe in the civilized society that we proudly say we live in then what is it that we are so proud of and where are we going wrong?




It is the society that we have become that is at fault. We tell women to be safe, to not go out, to wear clothes that wouldn’t show much skin but we do not have any instructions whatsoever for our boys, why? If it is men who are ripping our trust apart then why are we teaching women, it is men who need to be taught better.

We have been given a law system to protect us but what and who does it protect. It takes our police hours to hold an innocent responsible for a crime he has not committed and torture him enough to admit doing something he never did. In the middle of all this, the real criminal roams free, feeling triumphant and almost proud of his crime.

You come home to see your child lying dead in her bed and the police hold you responsible saying she was killed in the name of honor.




Our honor is at stake, our life in danger and grace has been disgraced. Somewhere our education system is failing. It isn’t really giving the lessons we need to learn and we need our kids to learn in the school. While encouraging our kids to live a superficial life with fancy phones and a culture of night clubs, nudity, and self-consumption, we are failing miserably in teaching them the real meaning of life. The life devoid of any essence is what we are giving them. They do not know what it means to sit with family and have a decent talk with parents. For teenagers, life is only about friends, parties, shopping, travel and extravagance. The basic education is to be imparted at home, where you teach them the importance of love, respect, values, principles and culture. After teaching them the phony way of life we expect them to have respect for something they do not recognize.

What have you been teaching your child? Are you sure you are giving them the right upbringing? Are you spending enough time them? Do they understand you, do you know your children or you think you know them?

Bhavika Batra

The girl next door, exploring life and always on an adventure. Care to share your experience? If yes, let's get together to resolve this enigma called LIFE!

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