Dress Code Secrets and Colours that Make all the Difference in the Office!

Office Look

The new year has begun with a bang and many of you must be getting ready for the financial year to begin too. Comes March and it will be time for people to hop jobs, to start a new position or to get a transfer. Whereas, it is crucial for your credentials to be impeccable, your clothing needs to be immaculate too. We live in times, where you are first judged for your looks and then for your skills and knowledge. Let’s explore looks that you could try for the upcoming financial year when you start your new job.

1. Pump up the dead with blue and grey – Suit it!

Office Look

Nothing works better than a business suit but some find it too mundane and non flattering at times but then there are ways to add spunk to that boring trouser or blazer you have kept buried in some corner of your cupboard. Its time to bring that blazer out and wear it with élan. You can team up your blazer with a pencil skirt, a plain shirt and high heels; wear your good old blue blazer on the top and you are ready to kill with your looks. It would be best to keep the colours very formal for the first few days. My suggestion would be to pick a grey skirt and to team it with a white shirt and blue blazer. Make sure your accessories go with the clothes you wear. If your skirt is grey and blazer is blue then go for blue shoes and blue accessories.

2. The serenity of white is unbeatable!

Office Look


Get yourself a white dress. White is the colour of tranquility and you want to attract only the right energy in the first few days of your new job. White makes a very peaceful statement thus, going overboard with accessories with white would be a bad idea. A white dress is sexy, it is chic and it is suave to garner the right attention in the office. It is neither too bland nor too bold but always makes a serene statement and that’s what you want when you are in a new place. Keep it simple, keep it light and you are ready to rock in the office.

3. Florals – have you considered them yet?

Office Look


Some find florals to be too bold and some find them inappropriate too but do something you haven’t experimented with before. Offbeat may sound a bit inconceivable but trust me it is always a welcome change. Make the first impression that is not just lasting but enlivening too. Florals can easily elevate one’s mood. Imagine, if your client isn’t really in the mood to talk business and is there only to respect the commitment he made to you, he will be happily surprised to see some colourful change that has unexpectedly come his way. Clothes are not formal or informal, it is the way you carry them that makes them acceptable. Wear them with utmost confidence and see the impact you make and the impression you leave.

4. A dash of colour is all you need!

Office Look


Regardless of what the culture is in your office, you can always add your own touch to your surroundings. Add some colour to that dull cubical that you have been given. Adding colour would be a refreshing change, not only for you but for those around you too. A simple trouser can be worn with a colourful jacket, or you can choose colourful shirt for your plain skirt. Wear your style and pour some life in that dead corporate environment.

5. Formal trousers with formal shirt!

Office Look


Go completely formal if you are meeting the senior management of your company. In case, you are going to meet the seniors from the Corporate, keep it very formal. Take out your formal black or beige trouser from the closet and team it up with a black shirt, or team up your black trouser or skirt with a maroon shirt and you are ready to give a serious impressions that prove that you are in the game for a long run.

Clothes speak for you. How you carry them and how you mix and match them is the key that can create a buzz that your work will take at least 6 months to create. So, what are you waiting for, just go and rearrange your wardrobe to nail the formal look and reinvent the statement of style for others.

Bhavika Batra

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