Strike in your company? 5 Ways to Assure Stability For All!


Alright, so this has actually happened. You wished for it to resolve on its own, you even used the law of attraction to avert it but it didn’t work, the Secret failed and the Alchemist in you is feeling defeated. The strike has taken place. A group of people stopped working and a thing that started as an ego tussle has gone full-blown. One arm of your company is now closed and the staff has been asked to report to the other branches. The promotion you were eyeing is down the drain and on top of that your seniors are getting aggressive with you. You basically are in soup and believe it or not, there isn’t a thing known as instant relief in such a scenario. While you are doing the best you can to resolve this matter, what is your strategy to keep a peaceful atmosphere in the company?

Gossip is Being Served at Lunch – Can You Stop It?

Look at any table during lunch, people are talking about it. All the random theories are floating at every desk. Some fear it is attrition that has caused the strike, some believe there has been a fight between the management and the staff, some think there is a female angle to the story. The news about a strike is something that would spread like wild-fire. Don’t give employees an opportunity to fuel the grapevine. Call your managers to speak to their teams, to keep calm and to not indulge in gossiping. 

Hysteria Feeds Hysteria – Assurance is What They Need!

A strike situation can be dangerous for any company, regardless of the size or the calibre of the company. The market value goes down and so does the trust of employees in the management. This gives rise to fear, anxiety and hysteria. People start recalling every strike that has ever taken place in the folds of history, especially the ones that turned violent. Do not let things get so out of hands that you can’t rewind them. Keep in touch with your staff and keep them assured that the management is doing everything they can to dissolve the issue and that every member of the Team Company is valuable.

Don’t Turn Your Office Into A Fish Market, Period!

Okay, so the inevitable has happened, there is work to be done and there are deadlines to be met. But, a strike isn’t notorious for no reason. It is a calamity kind of a situation. Do not go looking for quick fixes to issues that demand attention. Calling the workforce to other work sites will not resolve the issue but will create chaos for the people who actually work in that building. It will get too congested and almost claustrophobic to work in an environment where the meetings rooms are unavailable, where people are sitting with their laptops in the canteen, in pantries, at the reception, in the lounge and even in the medical room. Don’t make hasty decisions because you are under pressure. Impatience has never solved any problems.

Sometimes Decision-Making Demands More Than Just Brains

On your board of Decision-makers, you probably have the best of the brain, dealing with the situation but sometimes it requires more than just brain to resolve issues. You can make the best of the decisions possible but the implementation part is a completely different craft. Do you have one of those dare-devils on your team who first act and then contemplate? If not, maybe you need some of them. Every brand needs people who are not just talkers but the doers. If you don’t have that Daring Doer on your board, you probably will have to wait longer than expected for the tides to turn in your favour. 

Don’t Give-in But Introspection Is A Must

You may be the best company in the world doing everything right and giving your staff just what they need. Yet, there is always room for improvement. Perhaps what the union is demanding is wrong or perhaps they are not demanding anything extraordinary. Can there be a mid-way? Of course, there is going to be a reconciliation eventually then why waste man-days, why make it claustrophobic for those who are not even involved with the whole fiasco. Scrutinise your approach, meet the leaders, both, the ones in your favour and the ones sitting on the opposite side, and see if you can find a solution that is acceptable to all. In the end, it is your company bearing the losses and getting all the unwanted publicity. There is no point procrastinating, just do it and move on.

Bhavika Batra

The girl next door, exploring life and always on an adventure. Care to share your experience? If yes, let's get together to resolve this enigma called LIFE!