Is Citizenship Amendment Bill The New Excuse for Haters to Spread Hatred!

Citizenship Amendment Bill

Is the Citizenship Amendment Bill really what it is being portrayed to be? The capital is burning. The students are protesting against the new bill passed by the Government and it is spreading like a wildfire to the other parts of India. The politicians in the ruling party know why they are doing what they are doing. And, as expected, the people in the opposition are fuelling the fire that has engulfed our nation. 

Well, it is an absurdity to expect humanity from our politicians, regardless of who is in the ruling and who is in the opposition. They always have their own despicable motives for doing things and it is one species that cannot be changed. On the other hand, those who assume they are at risk due to this bill, have their own excuses to spread fear through violence. But, there is one more race of miscreants breathing in our space.

They are called the spineless warriors. They don’t have a face, they hide behind their keyboards, they create social media trends and spread fear through their insecure and shallow beliefs.

They can also be called sheep. They don’t have a vision, aspirations or their own motives. They are mob and they are happy being the mob. These people are weak and gullible. They are also the most dangerous of them all.

You must be wondering how a weak person can be dangerous? A weak person is someone who is easily influenced and instigated. Tell them anything and they will believe it. Tell them the new rule passed by the government is the best thing that has ever happened and they will believe you. Tell them it is the worst thing that can ever happen to you and they will believe that too. They neither have the strength nor the capacity to comprehend things on their own. They always need crutches to stand and the people having the brain manoeuvre them.

These people are not just meek but also insecure. When they see someone articulating opinions that do not match with their own, they get insecure. The most amusing part is when they start seeking likeminded people so that they can have a voice that resonates with them and start targeting people having different opinions.

These social media warriors are so insecure that they will engage with your social media posts while hiding behind the constitution or legislature. They would back their argument on what the law says, or what the founders of the country said about a century ago. Living in their superficial world, they do not realise that time changes at its pace and idealism is not the most ideal place to be.

Some of them, having weaker spines, would send you direct messages so that others can’t see their insipid actions. They would impose their opinion on you. When you do not budge, they would call you names and when even that doesn’t work, they would curse you and start playing the victim.

This playing the victim card is often their best and the last resort. They would tell you stories when the atrocities from the government forced them to abandon their homes and families, when they lost someone they knew because of the new rule of the law, they would cry about inequality, injustice, favouritism, nepotism and every other thing on the planet. What they don’t realize is that the entire nation has been through the same experience as them. Since they are allowed to have certain opinions, others are entitled to have their own beliefs too.

While some of their brothers get on the ground to vandalise property and harm people, these virtual warriors spread hatred through their words while instigating others to imitate their physical or virtual actions. And when someone doesn’t agree with them, they get agitated.

The new bill passed by the government, the Citizenship Amendment Bill, is the latest example of how you turn people in sheep. If you ask them what the Citizenship Amendment Bill is about, many of them won’t even know what this bill entails, why has this been brought into action, what is the motive behind this and what is the government trying to achieve by this bill. But, someone told them that this bill is against a certain community and they started their monkey dance.

We all know what happens to the battles that are fought for egoistic reasons. Such people fall into an abyss, a low that has no bottom, an action that has no positive consequence. We are damaging our own property, why do we forget that all this has been bought from our own money, we pay all sorts of taxes so that the government can build bridges, roads, buy buses and all these things? When certain groups of people instigate us, we blindly become the mob harming our own country. People have interpreted the bill as they wanted to and turned it into a monster designed to harm a certain community.

I am not commenting on CAB or NRC, that is not the intent of my blog. What I am trying to say is that it is okay to have an opinion but it is completely unacceptable when you impose your opinion on others, when you lose your mind because others don’t have the same viewpoint as you, when you want people to act like you, to say what you want to hear and show what you want to see.

I just do not believe that this bill is against a certain community or that is trying to demean any community. How I see this bill is that it is trying to validate people living in this country. Giving them equal rights as others. All you have to do is to produce proof of your identity. But, people have turned it into a community issue and a pride matter. People are fighting with each other because their point of view doesn’t match and the worst form of the same can be seen on social-media.

One group of people is being cruel to another because they do not support the bill and the other is being curt because they agree with the bill. And this hatred for people, because they don’t agree with your point, is simply outrageous. Just like you have the right to like or dislike something, everyone has the right to stand with or against something.

It is the ideology of people who believe that their religion is the supreme, that their opinion is the only opinion, their perspective is the only valid perspective, that we should be protesting against. On social media, please do not post things unless you understand what they implicate. Do not say things that have the capacity to instigate people, which can turn them into a violent mob. Don’t just say things that are vague, shallow and misleading. Know the facts, understand things and then if you express your opinion, you have the freedom of speech to do so. But, the freedom of speech doesn’t mean having your own interpretation of things and then propagating or imposing your wrong ideas on others.

Hatred begets hatred and that is what we are seeing, not just in universities or on the roads but on virtual properties too. Trolling humanity in the name of freedom of speech is not secularism or democracy, it is bullying. We need to be responsible for our actions as we influence people in our environment. Nothing gives us the right to instigate people to do wrong, to spread violence, or to impose opinions. Build something positive if you can and if you cannot, you don’t have the right to destroy things either, especially not the peace and security in the country.

Bhavika Batra

The girl next door, exploring life and always on an adventure. Care to share your experience? If yes, let's get together to resolve this enigma called LIFE!

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