Cheap Journalism and Media obsession with Celebrity Culture #SrideviDeathMystery


A Padma Shri award winning actor dies and media gets the perfect opportunity to mint money. It has been about 72 hours that Sridevi died in her hotel room in Dubai and all the news channels have only one thing to telecast since. But, is it really journalism? Are we getting news or we are being slapped in our face. Where did the responsible media vanish? #SriDeviDeathMystery

Nirav Modi robs India, a singer allegedly molests a reality show contestant and a superstar dies abroad. We are not alien to the news, how can we? Our media is so obsessed with sensationalizing sensitive issues that that we get victimized by their obsession.


News – what does the word suggest? It simply suggests being informed about anything and everything that is important. It means being informed about something that can directly or indirectly impact one’s life. But, what do we get to hear about? Rahul Gandhi mixing names becomes news, political parties tweeting about opposition becomes news, actors signing lucrative deals becomes news. How about the Jammu & Kashmir issue or the percentage of corruption in the country or the rate of rapes or illiteracy in the country? The media cannot make a scoop out of routine issues, so, why even bother, right? But, shouldn’t the fact that such atrocities are a routine in our country, make them worthy of discussion? Such issues get discussed only when there is an attack in the country or when a heinous rape case comes into light, otherwise, no one is interested in holding talks and taking actions on issues that require attention for real.

Nirav Modi’s case is one such news. An alleged fraud of about 11000 crores is beyond imagination. It is needless to say that something of such caliber cannot happen without anyone other than Nirav Modi knowing about it. This smells of corruption, crime, and betrayal. Of course, the nation wants to know what happened, how it happened and how it is going to effect all. But, do we want to hear the same thing, day in and day out?


A fairly known singer has allegedly been caught kissing a minor on camera and the news channels get enough dope to induce us all with such low class and tasteless news. Yes, it is disheartening and also entertaining to know about one person’s wrongdoings but we do not want to hear about it 24/7.

The limits are crossed when the nation gets to know about the sad demise of someone and when that someone is famous (#Sridevi ) then the media is going to dig gold. An award winning actor and celebrity dies and the media is all gaga over the news, to the extent that they are sensationalizing the misspelling of words on someone’s death certificate. It is a death certificate for god’s sake. Show some respect and compassion for the family that has lost a family member.


One leading news channel shows the video of an ambulance saying this is the ambulance that will carry the body of the deceased from one place to another. There cannot be a better example of cheap journalism. So, basically media people are just journalist, they are not human beings? A person with a heart will never stoop to such levels but just to sell gossip they forget how insensitively they cover the news of a death and how their words and expressions hurt the family members of the deceased.

Media, one of the indispensable pillars of our democracy, is often found acting as the channel for corrupt politicians to propagate their nasty campaigns or to misuse the democracy or to sensationalize issues that require empathy and contemplation. Yes, it is the responsibility of media to shed light on everything that happens in the country but incessant coverage of the death of a celebrity or a singer kissing a minor is not journalism, it is a mockery of the power and the responsibility that they have been assigned.

Bhavika Batra

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