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If You Have These 5 Traits, You Are Not Made for a Corporate System!

Okay, congratulations to you on that promotion or for securing a new job. It takes a real warrior to survive the Corporate battle. But, for those who are struggling to create a ground, have you ever wondered why that insidious, good for nothing ass of a person always outperforms you? Well, before you pick up the dice once again, ask yourself whether the Corporate Snakes & Ladder is really your game or not? To survive in the big wolf world of Corporate, you need more than just talent and

7 Immunity Tricks Against Office Politics

The nation is gearing up for what happens with Priyanka Gandhi’s arrival on the Political battlegrounds. While some must be contemplating a lengthy homework digging all the dirt they can find on the lady (wonder as if there is much left to bring to the fore that could startle anyone any more), still one can be sure that the political goon gang is on the job. On the other hand, there’ll be a clan of political enthusiast looking for one loophole that can expose the present ruling party. But,

Workogasm – A Corporate World Offspring That Continues Corrupting The System

  Workogasm - wondering what I am talking about? What if I say the world Orgasm? You will instantly be interested in knowing what this chic is going to talk about. Well, I am talking about something that all the corporate world slaves like us have experienced, endured and grappled with. Orgasm - "the climax of sexual excitement, characterized by intensely pleasurable feelings centred in the genitals and (in men) experienced as an accompaniment to ejaculation." says uncle

Did you like being insulted in the name of Job Interview?

Have you ever been in a situation where you find yourself helpless? I am sure the answer to that question is yes. We have all been in situations that disappoint, frustrate and even make us depressed. One such situation is being jobless and desperately waiting for the right opportunity to knock the inbox. But, there are more factors than just one that can be depressing when you are jobless. The fact that money stops coming in, that you find it hard to kill time and that you feel like the odd one

Social-Media, Depression or Confidence – What is Making Us so Needy?

What is this thing with people being so loud in public places? Have you even been in a place that looks plush but often occupies people that don’t fit the bill? I often wonder what is it that makes people behave a certain way in public places. There was a time when we were taught to be mannerly and courteous in public places. I’d get told off if I’d ever be loud in a coffee shop or if my behaviour ever attracted unnecessary attention but it seems like the odd is the new routine

It is time we make the necessary alterations to our approach towards work and life!

India is known as the country that has the largest number of younger generation, some even call us the youngest country. Unfortunately, we are also the country with highest suicide rate. According to the available data, at least one student commits suicide in our country every hour. Can you even imagine how alarming this is? But, why is it happening? There isn’t a precise answer for that. Some would say that those who commit suicide are weak people and thus, they take such drastic steps. But