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Travel tips during festive season in India!

  A very Happy Diwali to all of you!   It is the most exciting time of the year for all Indians. With just one day to go for Diwali, everyone is in full spirits to celebrate the festival in the best possible way. The sweets and decorative stuff has been bought already and almost all the buildings are looking like a new bride decorated with beautiful blinking lights.   Diwali is also a festival that brings people together. No matter where we are or where we work, we

A trip to Beachy Head – Eastbourne, England!

  Let’s talk about something we all enjoy and that is travelling.  Whether we like our destination or not, the journey always makes the efforts worth the pain and that's exactly what happened with me when I was on a day's excursion to Beachy Head.   On a weekend, sitting idle under my duvet, I decided to take a trip to Beachy Head. It was pretty early in the morning and I knew if I really act upon this thought promptly, I will be able to make it on time. The journey from

The Silent Attraction of a Famous Tourist Destination – Prague

Strolling the deserted streets of Prague, near the central market, I turned to an ally that was dark, and mystifying at the same time. I was there for Christmas in 2015 with a friend. The street market was heaving with vendors selling souvenirs, crystal, hats, toys, beer, sausages and the world famous Trdelnik but the streets adjacent to the market were mostly quiet and abandoned. After living in the UK for five years, I was quite used to exploring places that boast of character, history,