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Arrogance Only Kills the Human Inside – Who Do You Want to Nurture – Arrogance or Humanity?

Blank pages, have you ever looked at them carefully? What do they make you feel? For some a blank page is like a disappointing void and for some, the opportunity to build whatever they want. It is all about perspective at the end of the day. We all look at the same things differently according to our life experiences and learning in life. I was recently at a place that was quiet, beautiful, and free of clutter but suddenly everything changed. Suddenly, the place was buzzing with commotion.

Is our education really educating us?

  Welcome to 2018. You have already heard a lot about the new technology, new inventions and new inceptions that are going to debut your life to revolutionize the way you live. Have you been introduced to the social changes that will be brought to reinvent the life we have? I reckon the answer to my question is no and there is a strong reason for that. You have not had an introduction to any social changes because there will be none. You must be thinking, who needs a change anyway.