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Great News For Those Who Love Their WhatsApp Chat Groups!

  With over 1 billion active users every month, WhatsApp is undeniably one of the most prominent social-media apps that we all use to exchange messages through an internet connection. There are  multiple reasons that make this particular app coveted and one such reason is the ease that the app offers. Be it exchanging text messages, voice messages, images or videos, everything is so conveniently possible on WhatsApp. There is a reason why Facebook bought the app for such a whopping

Will Google Tez be tez enough to Give its Competitors a Tough Run in the Market?

An India exclusive app has just been unveiled and debuts the over-crammed market of apps called Google Tez. The market was abuzz with rumors that Google is in the process of bringing a new app exclusively for India and it has finally been launched today.     This app is basically a mobile wallet for Indian users which is already being viewed as a big competition for PayTM. In the expanding e-payments market, Tez has managed to stir quite an uproar considering the fact that it

Time to Verify Your Business Account on WhatsApp!

  WhatsApp - an app that is being used by billions of people all over the world, is going a notch higher with its latest endeavor. From exchanging greetings to exchanging jokes, from sharing pictures to sharing videos and even exchanging GIFs and much more is done on this app on a daily basis. It is one app that has become vital to life due to the ease that it offers and now the app is going the business way.   The super efficient app is about to evolve into a more serious

Know All About Sarahah – The App That Can Build or Sabotage Your Morale!

Are you open to get brutal comments from people? Will you be okay if someone revealed intimate information about you publically where any Tom-Dick and Harry can read what’s written there? If not, then Sarahah is not the thing for you. So, What is Sarahah? Sarahah is a mobile app that was launched in June. It is an app where you can send-receive honest feedback from friends. You can pose a question to your friends but you will never get to know who answered the question. At the same time, you

4 Things that Happened on Social Media While You Were Busy Playing Pokemon!

Snapchat Publisher is on its way Now you’d be able to make full-screen video ads in 2 minutes or less and all you need to accomplish that is a web browser. Get the cool tool called ‘Snapchat Publisher’ and your full-screen ads will be ready to be published on the super popular portal.         The time is right for ‘Anytime’ WhatsApp will soon have a tough competition from ‘Anytime’, an app that according to the grapevine is being tested by Amazon