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Cheap Journalism and Media obsession with Celebrity Culture #SrideviDeathMystery

A Padma Shri award winning actor dies and media gets the perfect opportunity to mint money. It has been about 72 hours that Sridevi died in her hotel room in Dubai and all the news channels have only one thing to telecast since. But, is it really journalism? Are we getting news or we are being slapped in our face. Where did the responsible media vanish? #SriDeviDeathMystery Nirav Modi robs India, a singer allegedly molests a reality show contestant and a superstar dies abroad. We are not alien

Social-Media, Depression or Confidence – What is Making Us so Needy?

What is this thing with people being so loud in public places? Have you even been in a place that looks plush but often occupies people that don’t fit the bill? I often wonder what is it that makes people behave a certain way in public places. There was a time when we were taught to be mannerly and courteous in public places. I’d get told off if I’d ever be loud in a coffee shop or if my behaviour ever attracted unnecessary attention but it seems like the odd is the new routine

Feminism – A Matter of Convenience or A Responsibility To Do What’s Right?

Equality – one of the most frivolously used words is at the heart of all the discussions, arguments or surveys that take place every now and then. Ask anyone to describe the word equality and you will get a different description every time. Considering the scenario, what is equality? According to the constitution, we all have equal rights. From that perspective, equality means having the equal opportunities in every sphere of life, but, are the opportunities equal? It is clear that equality is