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Know All About Sarahah – The App That Can Build or Sabotage Your Morale!

Are you open to get brutal comments from people? Will you be okay if someone revealed intimate information about you publically where any Tom-Dick and Harry can read what’s written there? If not, then Sarahah is not the thing for you. So, What is Sarahah? Sarahah is a mobile app that was launched in June. It is an app where you can send-receive honest feedback from friends. You can pose a question to your friends but you will never get to know who answered the question. At the same time, you

What Do You Think that Little Hole Next to the Camera on Your iPhone Does?

iPhone – well, what about them? What if I say that there is something about your beloved iPhone that you have not yet explored? iPhone is possessed by those who yearn for excellence and perfection. I have been using iPhone for years myself and yet there are certain nifty features that most of us are not well familiarized with. Although, there are some hacks that we all have heard about like one must not over-charge their phone or apps running in the background exhaust the battery of your

Samsung Galaxy on Max

In an overly crammed market of smart-phones, Samsung has launched another article. "Samsung Galaxy on Max", launched in July 2017, it has reached the virtual shelves of Flipkart where it will be sold exclusively. Unveiled this month only, Samsung Galaxy On Max, can be a great phone for those looking to hold a smartphone that comes for a decent price and encompasses all the savvy features that make for a great phone experience. However, there are some snags that can impact the performance you