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Social-Media, Depression or Confidence – What is Making Us so Needy?

What is this thing with people being so loud in public places? Have you even been in a place that looks plush but often occupies people that don’t fit the bill? I often wonder what is it that makes people behave a certain way in public places. There was a time when we were taught to be mannerly and courteous in public places. I’d get told off if I’d ever be loud in a coffee shop or if my behaviour ever attracted unnecessary attention but it seems like the odd is the new routine

Arrogance Only Kills the Human Inside – Who Do You Want to Nurture – Arrogance or Humanity?

Blank pages, have you ever looked at them carefully? What do they make you feel? For some a blank page is like a disappointing void and for some, the opportunity to build whatever they want. It is all about perspective at the end of the day. We all look at the same things differently according to our life experiences and learning in life. I was recently at a place that was quiet, beautiful, and free of clutter but suddenly everything changed. Suddenly, the place was buzzing with commotion.

Time to Welcome 2018 and Make Resolutions For the Year!

The new Year has begun! Its time for new promises, new resolutions and everything New! We all partied hard, had a blast, got drunk, splurged on things like anything and slept in a friend’s house who is not really a friend. He is a friend’s friend or even worse, you can’t even remember who that kind soul was who let you stay at his place last night because you were too drunk to drive. That is how we always spend the New Year’s Eve but things need to change, perhaps not everything but certain

Demonetization – a boon or a boom? And the year that followed!

  Today marks the one year anniversary of probably the biggest event that took place in our history. One man with power, stood at a podium in the evening, telling a nation of over a billion citizens that the money that they possess will mean nothing after the clock strikes 12. He decided our fate, alone – assuming he had the right to do so. Boorish!   This blog post is not to admire his guts or to criticize his audacity. It is just a recount of what we all faced after his

A trip to Beachy Head – Eastbourne, England!

  Let’s talk about something we all enjoy and that is travelling.  Whether we like our destination or not, the journey always makes the efforts worth the pain and that's exactly what happened with me when I was on a day's excursion to Beachy Head.   On a weekend, sitting idle under my duvet, I decided to take a trip to Beachy Head. It was pretty early in the morning and I knew if I really act upon this thought promptly, I will be able to make it on time. The journey from

Let’s Paint a New Picture of the World We Want!

Where are we heading?   We live in a world that is unsafe, unpredictable and also despicable to a great extent. But this isn’t how we started. When did we become the demons in the skin of humans?   There was a time when people loved one another. We could die to protect a stranger, we would go to any extent to keep a promise we made and we would do anything but disrespect another soul. But such is the time now that we can’t care enough for people we are related to. When did

Getting Exploited at Work? Who’s Fault is it Really?

The corporate world is infamous for being callous, cut-throat and cruel. We are all very competitive when it comes to having things that we desire and people do not blink an eye before crossing any limits when it comes to work. People can kill to step up the ladder of success. They plot, they conspire and they connive; they stoop to a level that can leave anyone red-faced.   But this corporate world is made of two types of people. Those who fall in type A are the ones who conspire,

Living in a Self-Appointed Moral Police Society in 2017!

  Have you had those weird stares while you were walking on the street wearing a tube top? Have you heard your neighbor telling your mother how she should control you? Have you heard your father telling your brother that he shouldn’t be out late because ‘Sharma ji’ living next door keeps close tabs on everything you do?   These questions are not even half as daunting as some other that you must have been asked. Like did I just see you getting out of a boy’s house? Do you not


Releasing you from the cage of my memories; feels like it is me who is behind the blockades. They keep me from breathing, from growing; they make me angry they make me irate. Your love was to be my lifeline, supporting me to move forward, Your arrogance became my fetters, my shackles; your pride always pulled me backward. My love for you was like a flower; waiting to spread its hopeful scent, Your ignorance was so full of reek that my flower succumbed under its ugly

Being a Woman in a Society That is Male Dominated and Regressive!

  The country I belong to has the reputation of being a nation that is democratic, secular, tolerant, just and developing. Whilst the people perennially are faced with issues such as crime, corruption, nepotism, injustice and inequality, women of this country have their additional share of problems.   Although, it is a country that is famous worldwide for the startling advancement that has taken place in the course of just 7 decades post independence; however, not much has