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Letters from My Grandmother – A Memory Marked in My Heart!

Letters - have you ever written one? Do you remember sitting on your couch, holding a pen in your one hand and a piece of paper in the other, all set to pen down your emotions to someone you really loved? I do. I remember writing and receiving letters from my grandmother and they are my best childhood memory. In the age of digital media where one is just a Whats App message away, I am sure some have almost forgotten that letters use to be the most powerful and beloved mode of communication at

Media Bandwagon is All Set to do the Monkey Dance at Sonam Kapoor’s Marriage!

    Get ready for the media circus on Sonam Kapoor's marriage. The beloved Kapoor daughter Sonam Kapoor is all set to tie the knot with her long-term boyfriend Anand Ahuja. After keeping everything under a tight wrap, the family has finally announced the wedding date. While the family of the bride to be is busy making the final arrangements, friends and Bollywood are busy running the last minute errands to Manish Malhotra, and the bride herself is busy keeping a low profile

Cheap Journalism and Media obsession with Celebrity Culture #SrideviDeathMystery

A Padma Shri award winning actor dies and media gets the perfect opportunity to mint money. It has been about 72 hours that Sridevi died in her hotel room in Dubai and all the news channels have only one thing to telecast since. But, is it really journalism? Are we getting news or we are being slapped in our face. Where did the responsible media vanish? #SriDeviDeathMystery Nirav Modi robs India, a singer allegedly molests a reality show contestant and a superstar dies abroad. We are not alien

Dress Code Secrets and Colours that Make all the Difference in the Office!

The new year has begun with a bang and many of you must be getting ready for the financial year to begin too. Comes March and it will be time for people to hop jobs, to start a new position or to get a transfer. Whereas, it is crucial for your credentials to be impeccable, your clothing needs to be immaculate too. We live in times, where you are first judged for your looks and then for your skills and knowledge. Let’s explore looks that you could try for the upcoming financial year when you

Time to Welcome 2018 and Make Resolutions For the Year!

The new Year has begun! Its time for new promises, new resolutions and everything New! We all partied hard, had a blast, got drunk, splurged on things like anything and slept in a friend’s house who is not really a friend. He is a friend’s friend or even worse, you can’t even remember who that kind soul was who let you stay at his place last night because you were too drunk to drive. That is how we always spend the New Year’s Eve but things need to change, perhaps not everything but certain

Have We Made the Right Shift or We Need to Take a Safe UTurn?

    Are we making a big cultural shift or an unabashed imitation of everything that shines is digging a grave for what we proudly call our's? The process of change has indeed begun and it has begun with a bang. The kind of changes, I have noticed personally are mind-boggling.   India is seen as one nation that holds insane scope for multinational vultures to come and set up their businesses here and reap the great benefits at the same time. The humongous

Is our education really educating us?

  Welcome to 2018. You have already heard a lot about the new technology, new inventions and new inceptions that are going to debut your life to revolutionize the way you live. Have you been introduced to the social changes that will be brought to reinvent the life we have? I reckon the answer to my question is no and there is a strong reason for that. You have not had an introduction to any social changes because there will be none. You must be thinking, who needs a change anyway.

What Makes it Okay to Troll Celebrities For the Choices They Make For Themselves?

Social-media – what is it really? Is it a virtual platform where you meet the people you know, a platform that enables you to share your life experiences with your group of people or a weapon that we all have started to use to demean others? A renaissance that social-media started with its advent where people could share their exotic experiences with friends has gradually turned into a revolt that is sabotaging, disrupting and inhuman to a great extent. It has turned into a lethal weapon

Living in a Self-Appointed Moral Police Society in 2017!

  Have you had those weird stares while you were walking on the street wearing a tube top? Have you heard your neighbor telling your mother how she should control you? Have you heard your father telling your brother that he shouldn’t be out late because ‘Sharma ji’ living next door keeps close tabs on everything you do?   These questions are not even half as daunting as some other that you must have been asked. Like did I just see you getting out of a boy’s house? Do you not

When You Are Abroad For the First Time!

  Have you ever been in a place where you cannot relate to anything or anyone? Not just your language, your mannerisms, your belief, but even your color makes you feel uncomfortable. The discomfort is not inflicted by any external sources; it is something you feel due to your pre-conceived notions or inherent insecurities that you have been nurturing for long. Yet, what you feel is so chilling that you feel as cold as you’d feel in your grave.   I felt the same when I