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Lockdown- a medical emergency or a sinister conspiracy?

 2020 - a year of uncertainty and anxiety, a year when the world locked, unlocked, and again locked itself. So much has changed and everyone is trying to make peace with the new normal. Masks have become a part of life, hand sanitizer is an added item found in everyone's bags, traveling is more like a nightmare where we need passes or a covid negative test to cross state borders, and social gatherings have become extinct. What makes matters worse is the fact that we meet everyone with

Is Government the only one to be Blamed for Covid-19 Lockdown Failure!

Ignorance is bliss they say. I guess, this is precisely the reason why we ignored all the signs of a pandemic preparing to take an ugly shape. But the fact is that bliss that comes as a result of ignorance is shallow and meaningless and the same is the case with Coronavirus; our ignorance could not and did not save us from this demon.  Today, we have almost 5 million Covid-19 cases worldwide and India just crossed the 100,000 mark, after a frustrating Tom & Jerry chase that started about 100

Covid-19 and our lives looming between Hope and Despair!

How many of you remember hearing the word coronavirus or pandemic for the first time? I first heard it in February and didn’t bat an eye. I went to the cafes, met with friends, visited relatives, and went for long drives too, just as always did. I quit my job, moved to another city, and was planning to migrate to another country. Life just continued how it always was until we actually started taking the pandemic seriously. I don’t think any of us were being ignorant, we were just not ready to