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Let’s Understand CAB and the Promise that it Holds!

India - a country of diversity blended with a rich cultural heritage and historical pride. Now, add the world-known perennial intolerance to change and an overly explicit stance when it comes to expressing non-compliance and you get the India of today. The latest example of our over-reaction to things is the protest against CAB – Citizenship Amendment Bill. The ruling Indian Government has been making headlines since they have come in power. Be it demonetisation, triple talaaq, scrapping of

Is Citizenship Amendment Bill The New Excuse for Haters to Spread Hatred!

Is the Citizenship Amendment Bill really what it is being portrayed to be? The capital is burning. The students are protesting against the new bill passed by the Government and it is spreading like a wildfire to the other parts of India. The politicians in the ruling party know why they are doing what they are doing. And, as expected, the people in the opposition are fuelling the fire that has engulfed our nation.  Well, it is an absurdity to expect humanity from our politicians, regardless of