The Baba and Godman Culture Has to Be Demolished!

guru 2We stagger, we fall, we lay there for a while and then we start walking with a limp but eventually we start running again. The cycle of our society is the same too. We see something, we ignore, then we acknowledge, we grapple, we sometimes give up but eventually we do our best to do away with the evil that sits in leisure eating our principles.


From time to time we have heard about people or instances that leave us shaken. One such case that India recently witnessed is the story of self-styled godman Ram Rahim.


Apparently, he has millions of followers around the world, some records on his name and a spurious reputation of being the man of God, who is doing everything he can for the well-being of our society. However, gradually the country is realizing that he isn’t really the man that he is known to be. There are multiple rape charges, murder cases, corruption accusations, castration scandals and other atrocious charges filed against him. In fact, he has just been sentenced to 20 years in jail for two rape cases that have been proved in the court against him.



guru1The court and the Government knew that he is shockingly popular with the masses and it had been suspected that there will be a ruckus to face once he gets declared guilty for the charges that have been registered against him. However, no one had estimated that lacs of people will gather at a location to protest court’s decision. Subsequently, about 30 people lost their lives, more than 250 got injured and the property worth millions got destroyed by the angry mob that violently started protesting the decision of convicting him.

Subsequently, about 30 people lost their lives, more than 250 got injured and the property worth millions got destroyed by the angry mob that violently started protesting the decision of convicting him.


But the question here is that who is at fault for whatever happened? Is it the court that took the right decision? Is it the so-called baba who has brainwashed people in such a manner that they were willing to die for him? Or the real culprits are the people who believe any Tom Dick and Harry that wears white clothes and talks about the God?


Why is this nation with the population in billions so helpless that the so-called Babas or Gurujis manipulate the sentiments of people with such an ease that it makes you feel disgusted? In a way, the people who blindly believe such scoundrels are more responsible for the consequences they face than those who fool them.


It is the weakness of will, wisdom, and rationality in people that they so easily fall prey to anyone talking crap on the name of God. He said that he is god sent, that he is a messenger of God and people believed him. What was so miraculous that he did for them to believe that he was god sent?


guruji 4In fact, everything about him was so contrary to what has been written in holy books about God and saints. His lifestyle was ostentatious while the God that I have read about gives the message of simplicity, his mannerism was consuming while the god that I have heard about is all about giving, the god that us Indians are taught about is the epitome of sacrifice, love, and sacredness, whereas, this sham baba was anything but righteous or even sane.


The judiciary is incompetent, the system is incapable and the people of this country, well the less is said about them is more. They can lick a stone if they are told that such is the message of the god that one must lick stones to attain salvage.


PressguruAnd then comes the fourth pillar of our society and that is the media. Anytime any such thing happens, they bring four nobs (idiots) from 4 different political parties, who sit in the chat room, not to clarify issues or to shed light on government’s perspective but to prove the impotence of the opposition political party or the ruling party. And what is more frustrating is that the so called representatives, chosen by the media to bring in the news room to divulge some inside news, are not just mundane and stale but even identical in their views. Their only motive is to shut the other person and express their ideology that is nonsensical and regressive.

In the era, where people have reached the moon, where you are connected with the world 24/7, where innovations are redefining the way this world operates, India is falling deeper in abyss bit by bit.

It is painful to see that a nation that has given scientists and researchers to the biggest economies and powers of the world is so helpless, sickening, blind, brainless and appalling at home. In a country where a woman is supposedly worshipped, we let our daughters get raped in the name of God, we let our sons get castrated in the name of God, we let our kids rot in shame in the name of God.

When did God send the message for his daughters to be raped, sons to be castrated and kids to be orphaned, shamed and deprived of love?

wake up guruIf we still do not wake up to what is happening around us, if we still do not actually see what is happening, if we still do not get rid of our superstitions and Orthodox mentality, such people will keep manipulating the weakness of those handful of uneducated idiots who not only get fooled themselves but also subject other innocent to atrocities that ruin their present and future forever.



Bhavika Batra

The girl next door, exploring life and always on an adventure. Care to share your experience? If yes, let's get together to resolve this enigma called LIFE!

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